Markandeya Puranam

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MARKANDEYA said: – In the four mountains commencing with Mandara; Oh thou most excellent among twice-born persons, the gardens that are four in number, and lakes, hear of them with attention. (1) On the east is the garden named Chaitraratha, on the south the garden Nandan, on the eastern peak is the garden called Baibhraja and on the northern mountain is the garden called Sabitra. (2) The lake Arunoda is on the east, and the Manasa on the south, Shitoda on the west of Meru and similarly Mahabhadra on the north. (3) Sitarta, Chakramunja, Kulira, and then Sukankaban, Manishaila, then Brishaban, Mahanila, the mountain Bhaba, Sabindu, Mandara, Benu, Tamasa, Nishadha likewise Debashaila – the, great mountain to the east of Mandara, Trikuta, Shikharadri, Kalinga, and then Patangaka, Ruchaka, Sanuman mountain, then Tamraka and Bishakhaban, Shetodara, Samula Basudhara, Ratnaban, Ekasringa, Mahashaila, Rajashaila, Pipataka, Panchashaila, then Kailasha, and the most superior among mountains Himabat these mountains are said to be

1 The Brahmins being of white colour occupied the white or the eastern side, the Vaishya of yellow colour, the western side, the Sudra of dark colour occupied the northern side, while the Kshettrya of red colour inhabited the southern side.

situate on the right (or southern) side of the mountain Meru. (4-8) Suraksha, Shishiraskha, Baidurya, similarly Pingala, Pinjara, and then Mahabhadra, Surasa, Kapila, Madhu, Anjana, Kukkuta, Krishna, and the best of mountains Pandura; and the mount Sahasrashikhara, Paripatra, with Sringaban, are similarly situate on the west of Meru, and Biskama is similarly situate on the other side of the west i.e. the eastern side, of Meru. (9-11) Hear of the other mountains to the north, Sankhakuta, then Brishabha likewise the mountain Hansanabha, similarly the mount Kapilendra, and Sanuman, and Nila, Swarnasringi, Shatasringi, Puspaka, and the Meghaparbata; Birajaksha, the mountain Baraha, Mayura, – these are the mountains to the south of Meru. The valleys of these mountains are exceedingly charming. (12-14) They are adorned with gardens, and lakes and pure water; in them are born men of virtuous deeds. (15) These are as heaven on earth, more meritorious than even heaven itself. In them there is no acquisition of fresh virtue or sin. (16) In them, it is said, that even the gods enjoy the fruits of their righteous deeds. O thou most excellent among the twice-born, towards the close and beginning of the winter, in these mountains, are formed the great and beautiful habitations of Bidyadharas, and Yakshas and Kinnaras, and Nagas, and Rakshasas, and gods, and of the Gandharvas. (17-18) They are highly pure, and have pleasure gardens attached to them that are pleasing to the mind, – and similarly there are in them lakes pleasing to the mind, and of which the breeze is pleasant in all seasons. (19) In these there never arises any uneasiness or want of satisfaction among men. This is the selfsame mundane lotus, described by me, of four leaves; Bhadrashwa and Bharata etc. these are its leaves on the four sides. That region towards the south, called Bharata which has been described by me, is the place of merit and demerit (Karmabhumi) in no other place are the fruits of Karma, enjoyed; in it are all laws established. For this reason are heaven, and the fruits of merit, and all births, human or hellish, and those of birds or of any other animals, attained here only by men. (20-23)