Markandeya Puranam

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MADALASA said: – The first day of the light half of the month is auspicious for the acquirement of riches, the second for prosperity, the third for obtaining boons and the fourth for the destruction of enemies. (1) The fifth gives good fortune and the sixth honour. The seventh gives the supremacy over his own people to a man and the seventh finished intellect. (2) The ninth confers on him wives and the tenth the accomplishment of all his objects. One, performing a Sraddha on the eleventh day, acquires a knowledge of the Vedas. (3) One, adoring the ancestral manes on the twelfth day, gains victory, children, intelligence, cattle, prosperity, independence and nourishment. (4) If man reverentially performs with rice the Sraddha of his ancestral manes on the thirteenth day he certainly comes by a long life and riches. A man, whose ancestral manes died in youth or were slain by weapons, should, to gratify them, perform their rites on the fourteenth day. A man, celebrating with care and purity the Sraddha of his father on the day of the new moon, obtains all objects and eternal heaven. A man, by adoring his ancestral manes, on the ascension of Kirttika, attains to the region of the celestials. (5-8) One, desirous of offspring (should perform it under the influence of) Rohini; one, by performing it during the influence of Saumya, attains energy. A person acquires heroism by performing it during the influence of Ardra and he obtains land by performing it during the influence of Punarvasu. (9) By ever performing the Sraddha during the influence of Pushya he attains nourishment and by celebrating it during the influence of Ashlesha he gets worthy sons. During the influence of Magha he gets the lead of his kinsmen and good fortune in that of Phalguni. (10) During the influence of Uttara Phalguni one becomes liberal and gets offspring; and a man, performing the Sraddha during the influence of Hasta, forsooth attains to excellence. (11) Under the ascendancy of Chitra one becomes beautiful and gets children. Swati gives prosperity in trade and Vishakha the accomplishment of the desire of having sons. (12) Performing (the Sraddha during the influence of) Anuradha one attains to the dignity of lord Paramount, supremacy under the influence, of Jyestha and good health during that of Mala. (13) During the influence of Ashara one obtains fame, and immunity from grief during Uttara; during Sravana excellent regions and great riches during Dhanishtha. (14) By performing the ceremony in Abbijit one becomes versed in the Vedas and by doing so in Varuna he becomes a master of medicine; Ajevitha in Prausthapada and the Posterior gives infantry. (15) In Revati one gets metals except silver and gold and horses in Atwnis; and performing the Sraddha in Bharani one obtains good length of life. Thus knowing the truth one should perform the Kamya Sraddha during the ascendancy of these stars. (16)