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Chapter I – On the Solar and Lunar Kings

II – On the piercing of the eyes of Chyavana Muni

III – The King S’aryavati’s giving his daughter in marriage to Chyavana Muni

IV – On Sukanya and the As’vins

V – On Chyavana’s getting his youth

Chapter VI – On the As’vins getting the right to drink Soma

VII – On the As’vins drinking the Soma cup

VIII – On the King Revata and the Solar Dynasty

IX – On the story of Kakutstha and on Mandhata

X – On Satyavrata

Chapter XI – On Tris’anku

XII – On Vas’istha’s curse on Tris’anku

XIII – Vis’vamitra helping Tris’anku

XIV – On Tris’anku going to the Heavens

XV – On the King Haris’chandra

Chapter XVI – On S’unahs’epha

XVII – On S’unahs’epha freed and Haris’chandra cured

XVIII – On the quarrel between Haris’chandra and Vis’vamitra

XIX – On Haris’chandra’s kingdom taken

XX – On Haris’chandra paying his Daksina

Chapter XXI – On the sorrows of Haris’chandra

XXII – On selling Haris’chandra’s wife

XXIII – On Haris’chandra as a slave of theChandala

XXIV — On Haris’chandra in the burning Ghat of Kas’i

XXV – On the quarrels between Haris’chandra and Vis’vamitra

Chapter XXVI – On the sorrows of Haris’chandra

XXVII – On Haris’chandra’s going to the Heavens

XXVIII – On the glory of S’ataksi Devi

XXIX – On the Devi’s birth in the Daksa’s house

XXX – On the birth of Gauri and S’iva’s distraction

Chapter XXXI – On the birth of Parvati

XXXII – On Self Realisation spoken by the Devi

XXXIII – On the Devi’s Virat Rûpa

XXXIV – On the Final Emancipation

XXXV – On the Yoga and Mantra Siddhi

Chapter XXXVI – On the knowledge of Brahman

XXXVII – On Bhakti

XXXVIII – On the vows and the sacred places of the Devi

XXXIX – On the worship of the Devi

XL – On the outer worship of the Devi