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Chapter I – On the description of the worlds

II – On the Earth raised by the Boar

III – On Manu’s family

IV – On the family of Priyavrata

V – On the mountains and on the origin of rivers

Chapter VI – On the rivers and the mountains Sumeru and others

VII – On the Ganges and the Varsas

VIII – On Ilavrita

IX – On the divisions of the continent

X – On Bhuvanakosa

Chapter XI – On the continents and Bharatavarsa

XII – On the narration of Plaksa, S’almala, and Kus’a Dvipas

XIII – On the description of the remaining Dvipas

XIV – On the Lokaloka

XV – On the motion of the Sun

Chapter XVI – On the motion of the Planets

XVII – On the Dhruvva Mandalam

XVIII – On the Rahu

XIX – On the nether regions

XX – On the narrative of Talatala

Chapter XXI – On the narrative of hells

XXII – On the sins

XXIII – On the remaining hells

XXIV — On the Devi Pûja