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Chapter I – On the description of Prakriti

II – On the origin of Prakriti and Purusa

III – On the origin of Brahma, Visnu, Mahes’a and others

IV – On the hymn, worship and Kavacha of Sarasvati

V – On Sarasvati Stotra

Chapter VI – On the coming in this world of Laksmi, Ganga and Sarasvati

VII – On the curses on Ganga, Sarasvati and Laksmi

VIII – On the greatness of Kali

IX – On the origin of the S’akti of the Earth

X – On the offences caused to the Earth and punishments thereof

Chapter XI – On the origin of the Ganges

XII – On the origin of Ganga

XIII – On the anecdote of Ganga

XIV – On Ganga, as the wife of Narayana

XV – On the question of the anecdote of Tulasi

Chapter XVI – On the incarnation of Maha Laksmi in the house of Kus’adhvaja

XVII – On the anecdote of Tulasi

XVIII – On the union of S’ankhachûda with Tulasi

XIX – On the going of the Devas to Vaikuntha after Tulasi’s marriage

XX – On the war preparations of S’ankhachûda

Chapter XXI – On the war between the Maha Deva and S’ankhachûda

XXII – On the fight between the Devas and S’ankhachûda

XXIII – On the killing of S’ankhachûda

XXIV — On the glory of Tulasi

XXV – On the worship of Tulasi

Chapter XXVI – On Savitri

XXVII – On the birth, etc., of Savitri

XXVIII – On Savitri

XXIX – On Savitri, on gifts, and on Karmas

XXX – On the conversation between Savitri and Yama

Chapter XXXI – On Yama’s giving the Sakti Mantra to Savitri

XXXII – On the enumeration of various hells for sinners

XXXIII – On the destinies of the sinners

XXXIV – On the description of the various hells

XXXV – On the description of the various hells for the various sinners

Chapter XXXVI – On having no fear of Yama of those who are the Panchopasakas

XXXVII – On the eighty-six Kundas

XXXVIII – On the glories of the Devi

XXXIX – On Maha Laksmi

XL – On the birth of Laksmi

Chapter XLI – On the churning of the ocean

XLII – On the stotram of Maha Laksmi

XLIII – On Svaha

XLIV – On Svadha

XLV – On Daksina

Chapter XLVI – On Sasthi Devi

XLVII – On Manasa’s story

XLVIII – On the anecdote of Manasa

XLIX – On Surabhi

L – On the glory of S’akti

Notes on S’akti and the S’aktas