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Chapter I – On Tris’ira’s austerities

II – On the birth Vritrasura

III – On the Deva defeat and on Vritra’s tapasya

IV – On the defeat of the Devas by Vritra

V – On praising the Devi

Chapter VI – On Vritrasura slain

VII – On Indra’s disguise in the Manas Lake

VIII – On S’achi’s praising the Devi

IX – On Indra’s getting the fruits of Brahmahatya and on the downfall of king Nahusa

X – On the phase of Karma

Chapter XI – On the Dharma

XII – On the war between Adi and Baka

XIII – On the above fight

XIV – On the birth of Vas’istha from Mitra Varuna

XV – On Nimi’s getting another body and on the Haihayas

Chapter XVI – On the Haihaya and the Bhargavas

XVII – On the continuance of Bhrigu’s family

XVIII – On the origin of the Haihayas

XIX – On the Haihayas born of a mare

XX – On the son born of a mare by Hari

Chapter XXI – On the installation of Ekavira

XXII – On stealing away Ekavali

XXIII – On the war between Haihaya and Kalaketu

XXIV — On Viksepa S’akti

XXV – On the cause of Moha of Vyasa

Chapter XXVI – On Narada’s Moha

XXVII – On Narada’s marriage

XXVIII – On Narada, a woman

XXIX – On Narada again a man

XXX – On the glory of Maha Maya

XXXI – On Maha Maya