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Chapter I – On the superiority of Rudra over Visnu

II – On the birth of the Danava Mahisa

III – On the Daitya armies getting ready

IV – On the war counsels given by Indra

V – On the defeat of the Danava forces of Mahisa

Chapter VI – On the Deva Danava fight

VII – On the going of the Devas to Kailasa

VIII – On the description of the origin and the Form of the Devi

IX – On the worship by the gods to the Devi

X – On the messenger’s news to Mahisa

Chapter XI – On Tamra’s fighting with the Devi

XII – On the cabinet held by Mahisa

XIII – On the killing of Vaskala and Durmukha

XIV – On the killing of Tamra and Chiksura

XV – On the slaying of Vidalaksa and Asiloma

Chapter XVI – On the conversation between the Devi and Mahisa

XVII – On Mandodari’s accounts

XVIII – On the killing of Mahisa

XIX – On the hymns to the Devi

XX – On the peace of the world

Chapter XXI – On the conquest of the Heavens by S’umba and Nis’umbha

XXII – On praising the Devi

XXIII – On the prowess of Kaus’iki

XXIV — On Dhûmralochana

XXV – On Dhûmralochana killed

Chapter XXVI – On Chanda Munda killed

XXVII – On the fight of Raktabija

XXVIII – On the Devi’s fighting

XXIX – On the killing of Raktabija

XXX – On the killing of Nis’umbha

Chapter XXXI – On the death of S’umbha

XXXII – On the king Suratha’s going to the forest

XXXIII – On the greatness of the Devi

XXXIV – On the worship of the Devi

XXXV – On the King Suratha’s getting the boons and on the Vais’ya’s Samadhi