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Chapter I – On the questions put by Janamejaya regarding Krisna’s incarnation

II – On the supremacy of the effects of Karma

III – On the previous curse of Vasudeva

IV – On Adharma

V – On the dialogues of Nara Narayana

Chapter VI – On the origin of Urvas’i

VII – On Ahamkara

VIII – On going to the Tirthas

IX – On the fight between the Risis and Prahlada

X – On the curse on Visnu by Bhrigu

Chapter XI – On S’ukra’s going to Mahadeva to get the Mantra

XII – On Bhrigu’s curse and the dialogue between S’ukracharya and the Daityas

XIII – On cheating the Daityas

XIV – On the Daitya’s getting back their Sukracharya

XV – On the truce between the Daityas and the Devas

Chapter XVI – On the birth of the several Avataras of Visnu

XVII – On the the questions asked by Janamejaya

XVIII – On the Devi Earth’s going to the Heavens

XIX – On chanting the hymns to the Devi

XX – On Devaki’s marriage

Chapter XXI – On the killing of the sons of Devaki

XXII – On the part incarnations of the several Devas

XXIII – On the birth of S’ri Krisna

XXIV — On the stealing away of Pradyumna

XXV – On the Devi’s Highest Supremacy