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Chapter I – On the questions put by Janamejaya

II – On Rudras going towards the heavens on the celestial car

III – On seeing the Devi

IV – On the hymns to the Devi

V – On chanting hymns by Hara and Brahma

Chapter VI – On the powers of the Devi

VII – On creation

VIII – On Gunas

IX – On the characteristics of the Gunas

X – On the anecdote of S’atyavrata

Chapter XI – On the Devi in the anecdote of S’atyavrata

XII – On the Amba Yajna

XIII – On the Devi Yajna

XIV – On the glories of the Devi

XV – On the fight between Yudhajit and Virasena

Chapter XVI – On Yudhajit’s going to the hermitage of Bharadvaja

XVII – On the story of Visvamitra

XVIII – On Svayambara of the daughter of the king of Benares

XIX – On the marriage

XX – On the Svayambara Hall

Chapter XXI – On the king of Benares fulfilling the advice of his daughter

XXII – On S’udarsana’s marriage

XXIII – On killing the enemy of S’udars’an

XXIV — On the installation of Durga Devi in Benares

XXV – On the installation of the Devi in Ayodha and Benares

Chapter XXVI – On the Navaratri

XXVII – On worshipping the virgins

XXVIII – On incidents connected with Navaratri

XXIX – On the stealing of Sita

XXX – On Rama’s performing the Navaratra ceremony