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Chapter I – On the questions by S’aunaka and other Risis.

II – On the question by S’aunaka and other Risis.

III – On praising the Puranas and on each Vyasa of every Dvapara Yuga

IV – On the excellency of the Devi

V – On the narrative of Hayagriva

Chapter VI – On the preparation for war by Madhu Kaitabha

VII – On the praise of the Devi

VIII – On deciding who is to be worshipped

IX – On the killing of Madhu Kaitabha

X – On S’iva’s granting boons

Chapter XI – On the birth of Budha

XII – On the birth of Pururava

XIII – On Urvas’i and Pururava

XIV – On the birth of S’uka Deva and on the duties of householders

XV – On the dispassion of S’uka and the instructions of Bhagavati to Hari

Chapter XVI – On S’uka’s desiring to go to Mithila to see Janaka

XVII – On S’uka’s self-control

XVIII – On Janaka’s instructions to S’uka Deva

XIX – On S’uka’s marriage

XX – On Vyasa doing his duties