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Dr. Dinesh Sehgal

Dr.Dinesh Sehgal

 Jai Mata Di

I am an Engineering Graduate making a sincere effort to preserve the ancient knowledge of Astrology, Ayurveda, Bhagvad Geeta and various other Vedic Puranas through this website, so that the people get the right knowledge and advice free of cost.I have also tried to provide free resources on varied occult sciences like Numerology, Tarot Reading , Chinese Astrology, Crystal ball gazing etc . Also, I owe my entire life to the worship of Goddess Mahalakshmi, by whose blessings I am able to spread this free service on a global platform.

For last many years I am doing research on lagna Kundali and I feel it is a perfect science. If you know the birth details, the results are superior than any branch of Astrology.Hence if you know your birth details accurately only then post your queries.You can get Free career Astrology predictions,Free Astrological predictions for marriage, love, Health, wealth and prosperity.This site is also making an effort to give you right information regarding Rudraksha,Gemstones,Basic principles of Astrology,Vastu Shastra and much more. In remedial measures I have uploaded Lakshmi Sahasranamam Stotram in Hindi and Durga Saptashati which is a very powerful tool to achieve success and happiness.These tools are also used by devtas to fulfill their desires. In Durga Saptashati Devi kavacha (Hindi TranslationEnglish Translation ) is very useful to come out of any health issues or black magic effects etc. and Durga Stuti is very useful to get heavenly pleasures on earth. In Durga Devi Kavacha , it is clearly mentioned that those who chant these sacred mantras they are protected by all kinds of black magic or evil spirits- ( refer verse no 49,50,51 and 52 of Durga Devi Kavacha)

What to expect from Astrology

Science can be defined as a well-coordinated and organised knowledge bank. We know that when we do experiments in science then it is not always necessary that the result will always be accurately predictable. We always cater for some deviations.For example when we do blood test we come to know the status of kidney, liver etc but no one can tell when it will fail exactly. Doctors can give some indication like 1 month to 1 year etc but not exact date.The same logic is applicable to astrology too. We know the incident is going to happen just as the Doctor.Astrology is “HEADLIGHT OF LIFE”. When we drive a car in night time it is the car headlight which tells us about what is coming in front, the state of road, speed brakers etc and based on that we decide what best to do next so that we can reach our destination safely and successfully. Imagine night driving without a headlight. You are increasing your chances of meeting with an accident.Astrology is a very effective headlight for our life, provided this tool is used by learned and experienced people and not by ” JHOLACHAP ASTROLOGERS”.It can help you decide what is better for you and when. It can mentally prepare you to sail through rough times by giving you a hope of good times coming ahead. It can help you reduce the discomfort level during rough times by recommending various remedies. But remember doing pooja yourself is the best and most effective way to gain God’s Blessings; Please do not bank on pandits for it.Astrology is not a guess science but is based on pure mathematical calculations. You will be proud to know that our Maharishis used the power of YOG to see what our scientists seeing today by using Telescope and Satellites. Isn’t it amazing that thousands of years back they were able to calculate planetary motions and locations even though they had no telescope for it…..PLEASE THINK IT OVER.Our main aim to launch this website is to reach out to people who want to get free astrology predictions for career,marriage,love,health,studies.We also give free consultancy on Vastu, Feng Shui,Rudraksha and gem stones.

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