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Introduction of Yantra – How do Yantras work ?

Yantra is a form of energy. The idea is that every shape emits a very specific frequency and energypattern. Certain ‘powers’ are ascribed to the various shapes. Some have ‘evil’ or negative energies and some ‘good’ or positive energies, but in Yantra Yoga only the beneficial and harmonious energies are used.

When one focuses on a Yantra, the mind is automatically “tuned in” by RESONANCE into the specific form energy of that Yantra. The process of RESONANCE is then maintained and amplified. The Yantraacts as a doorway and Mirror. The subtle energy does not only come from the Yantra itself, but from the Universe.

Basically Yantras are secret keys for establishing RESONANCE with the beneficial energies of the Universe. Yantra can put us in contact with extremely elevated energies and entities, being of invaluable help on the spiritual path.

Yantra Which we produce have different dieties inhabited in them through Mantra Yoga and Taantrik Procedures. Our body is a Yantra in itself

Yantra working Details

The power of Yantras to induce RESONANCE is based on the SPECIFIC FORM of its appearance. Such a diagram can be composed from one or more geometrical shapes which combine into a precise model representing and transfiguring in essence, at the level of the physical universe, the subtle sphere of force corresponding to the invoked deity (God). By RESONANCE, a certain energy from the practitioner’sMICROCOSM vibrates on the same wavelength with the corresponding infinite energy present in theMACROCOSM, energy which is represented in the physical plane by the Yantra. The principle ofRESONANCE with any deity, cosmic power, aspect, phenomenon or energy owes its universal applicability to the perfect correspondence existing between the human being and the Creation as a whole (Universe).

Introduction of Yantra: YANTRAS are poorly known in the Occident

At this moment, there is little known about YANTRAS in the Western world. Many people consider them just pretty pictures and some artists claim to draw “YANTRAS” from their imagination. They are very far from the true meaning and use of YANTRAS. First of all, YANTRAS cannot simply be invented from imagination. Every specific mood and emotion has an associated form energy and shape. This unequivocally determines the form of the YANTRA associated to that mood. The traditional YANTRAS were discovered through revelation, by clairvoyance, not invented. One needs to be a true spiritual master, a tantric guru, to be able to reveal a new YANTRA to the world.

Search the Internet and the libraries and you will find very little consistent knowledge about YANTRAS. Some people placed YANTRAS upside down, a monument of their ignorance. You cannot place aYANTRA just any way you please. Anyone knows that when the cross is held upside down, it is no longer a benefic symbol. A YANTRA put upside down is no longer the same YANTRA.