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UTTARAYAN is a non-governmental and non-profit making organization (NGO) based and working in Maharashtra in India. 

UTTARAYAN,which is a Sanskrit word, which marks the end of a long winter with the return of the sun to the Northern Hemisphere and hence the name Uttarayan. The journey of UTTARAYAN as a registered NGO began in 2004. UTTARAYAN was established to provide education to the underprivileged children, to build better lively hood opportunities for the rural and underprivileged urban youth, to enrich quality health services for adolescent girls and women. 

The thought process behind UTTARAYAN is that quality education is the only medium that can improve the living standards of the poor people. It is the most powerful tool, which can equip them to make informed and intelligent choices about their lives and future. UTTARAYAN believes that education is the only weapon to fight poverty and truly empower the children who tomorrow will be the face of India. UTTARAYAN seeks to achieve a better tomorrow through the medium of education and unleash the power of knowledge that is inaccessible to millions. 

Since its establishment as a NGO in Mumbai, UTTARAYAN has grown both in scope and in geographical coverage. Many children have benefited from our learning program for the out-of-school children. Through our health programs, we have touched the lives of many underprivileged families. Our endeavor has been to increase the access of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) among the underprivileged children and youth. 

UTTARAYAN is among one of the few NGOs in the country that is delivering high end Multimedia and Animation training and livelihoods opportunities for the underprivileged youth .

UTTARAYAN as one of the best NGOs working in Mumbai on “Sarva Shiskha Abhiyaan”. 

Through our various livelihoods program, vocational training programs we have provided employability many underprivileged youth in various sectors like, retail, hospitality, IT firms, and in Hospitals. 

The core team of UTTARAYAN works with passion and commitment to ensure success of every project that is undertaken. We at UTTARAYAN make sure that we reach out to the unreached through our projects. UTTARAYAN has a dedicated team of teachers, trainers, and health professionals. UTTARAYAN has a very good network of dedicated volunteers.