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Chapter I – On the Morning Duties

II – On cleaning the body

III – On the glories of the Rudraksa beads

IV – On the greatness of the Rudraksam

V – On the Rudrasam rosaries

Chapter VI – On the greatness of Rudraksam

VII – On the different numbers of facets of Rudraksam

VIII – On Bhuta Suddhi

IX – On the rules of Sirovrata

X – On Gauna Bhasma

Chapter XI – On the three kinds of Bhasmas

XII – On holding the Tripundrams

XIII – On the greatness of Bhasma

XIV – On holding the Bibhuti

XV – On using the Tripundra and Urdhapundra

Chapter XVI – On the Sandhya Upasana

XVII – On the Sandhya and other daily practices

XVIII – On the greatness of the Devi Pûja

XIX – On the mid-day Sandhya

XX – On the Brahma Yajna, Sandhyas, etc.

Chapter XXI – On the Gayatri Puras’charnam

XXII – On the Vais’adeva

XXIII – On the Tapta Krichchhra Vrata

XXIV — On Sadachara