Wife And Husband be aware of extra marital Illegal love Affair during November 2017

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Wife And Husband be aware of extra marital Illegal love Affair during November 2017



Venus/ Shukra  transit over Tula / LIBRA rashi started on  3-11-2017 and will end on 26-11-2017 . Venus/ Shukra    rules the Signs Taurus and Libra. The Moola-Trikona Sign of Venus is Libra. It is a feminine planet. The good aspects of Venus tend to greatly benefit the health and also to enrich the mind, to give love and to bring good fortune.

Venus is friendly to Mars, as the latter rules over the passions and helps the former in forming alliances between the Sexes. The good aspects between them lead to a higher and truer form of love, while the hard tends to the lower and more beastly forms of love that lead to excesses and dissipation. It is chiefly identified with the Egg, Ovum and the Ovaries.


For most of this month Venus is in  LIBRA or Tula


Libra is a Movable & an Airy Sign and its symbol is Scale. Its Lord is Venus (Negative) They swing one way – then the other, like a pendulum.

They cannot seem to make up their fickle mind. They often indulge in excessive eating, drinking and lovemaking.

Venus is related to love and Libra is related to lovemaking because of which most couples will have a very happy love life during this month and since Venus will be in power lots of couples who are facing difficulty in getting a child will get good news .

However in transit  Venus is 4th from  Rahu and Mars or Mangal is 12th from Venus . Rahu in transit is in Cancer sign whose lord Moon is the significator of  Mind. With the presence of rahu in Cancer or karka rashi the mind of the person becomes corrupt.  Also Negative Venus  is in power which will increase lust for love in the person resulting in tendency towards extra marital affair . Hence all couples moving through  delicate relation with their spouse should take care during this combination and take loving care of their loved ones so that they don’t get affected with this combination .

The diseases of Venus when afflicted are those affecting the reproductive  system, the genitals, womb, bladder and breasts. The diseases mostly arise from excesses, pleasures, etc. Also smallpox measles, weakness, injury by poisons etc. are also attributed to afflictions of Venus. It is also chiefly associated with cancer, diabetes, dysentery, venereal diseases, etc. Heavily afflicted Venus can also cause skin eruptions from (misuse) use of cosmetics.


An afflicted or weak Venus indicates lack of beauty, charm and grace, lack of taste or refinement, insensibility, lack of love or affection, coarse, aggressive, unrefined and vulgar manifestations of life and difficulty in expressing feelings. The Kidneys and reproductive system suffers, it brings infertility, low energy, poor immune function, chronic genito-urinary tract infection and also tendency towards bleeding. Venus is associated with pastel shades of  blue .


Listening to this prayer will help during this month

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