Burning Incense Stick (Agarbatti ) can be the root cause of all your Health , Wealth and Child birth related problems

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In Sanatan Dharma Bamboo symbolizes the family progeny hence known as Vansh and burning it down is directly linked to destruction of the future generations, which creates Pitra Dosha.

Bamboo is considered inauspicious to be burnt at the funeral  so how can lighting of ‘Agarbatti’ (incense sticks) with the base as Bamboo stick  satisfy God .

In Hinduism, the burning of bamboo is considered inauspicious. None of the shastras or puranas anywhere mentions the burning of Agarbatti or incense sticks which are chemically made with bamboo sticks, but what is recommended is  ‘dhoop batti’ made with purifying herbs, ghee , natural and organic medicinal ingredients. Eg. Agar, Tagar, Guggul, Kapoor, Chandan, Jatamansi etc. All these herbs have anti bacterial , anti viral and healing properties which are beneficial for humans as well as the environment.

Now the natural question you will have in your mind as to why we are using incense sticks made with bamboo. The answer is,  it is a very long spiritual war against Indians. Previously when the people invading India found it difficult to defeat Indians,  their religious scholars researched on the Sanatan religious texts and found that if they want to weaken the coming generation of Hindus, it can be easily  done by a very simple thing, like burning a bamboo. So the invaders religious scholars developed a system of coating bamboo sticks with various incenses which is now known as Agarbatti or incense sticks and marketed all over India. Eventually this strategy worked and the invaders were able to conquer and rule India for a very long time.

Based on above,  burning Agarbatti or incense sticks  is harmful for your health, wealth and child birth.

Nowadays manufacturers of Agarbatti or incense sticks  use Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons  for aroma which has been found to trigger chances of asthma, cancer, headache and cough.

When incense, which is usually made of bamboo sticks coated with chemical and saw dust , is burned, particles are released into the air  which was found to be more mutagenic, cytotoxic and genotoxic than the cigarette smoke tested in the study.

If these ultrafine and fine particles are inhaled in they can become trapped in the lungs, and are known to cause an inflammatory reaction. Which is a root cause of many diseases related to all major organs and CNS .