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The Science of Placement

The term ‘Vaastu’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Vas’ (dwell). It is similar to Feng Shui, the Chinese science of placement. Vaastu is a part of Vedic wisdom that tells us how to arrange our homes and offices effectively, efficiently and in a manner that will attract luck and good fortune. If this is your first home, it is particularly important to surround yourself with positive influences.

Essentially, your floor plan is divided into 81 squares, each under the rule of a deity. The 81 squares are all pieces of one large square. The corners of the square are ruled by a deity, a planet (except Ketu) and a direction. The centre of the square houses the Brahma (it is called the Brahma Sthana). The overall force that keeps your home balanced is called Vaastu Purusha. This lays on top of the diagram. Vaastu Purusha’s head points to the Northeast, his feet point to the Southwest.

Below, you will find a chart of the appropriate Vaastu positions. If you have already set up your home and find that you cannot place all of the items in the best place for them, you should still try to do the following:

Decorate your home with positive images that depict life and happiness

Do not place too many items in rooms that are located in the East and North areas of home

Put your master bedroom in the Southwest or South

The Southwest corner of your bedroom should be where you place your bed

Mirrors should go on East and North walls

Always enter your home from the East or Northeast

Northwest Planet: Moon

Lordship: Vayu (Wind) Guests, bathroom, garage, animals, utilities, pantry.

North Planet: Mercury

Lordship: Kubera (Wealth) Mirrors (North wall), jewels and other valuables, children, family room, basement.

Northeast Planet: Jupiter

Lordship: Ishana (the Supreme Lord) Prayer, shrines, living room, sun porch, patio or deck.

West Planet: Saturn

Lordship: Varuna (Waters) Dining room, children’s room, study room, den.


The Brahma Sthana is here. This area should only be used for a courtyard or a religious shrine. Human activity should be avoided.

East Planet: Sun

Lordship: Surya (Health) Bathroom, Dining room, family room, bay windows, mirrors on east wall, storage of ghee, milk, oil, rosewater etc.

Southwest Planet: Rahu

Lordship: Nirriti (Dissolution) Heavy objects, no shrines or bathrooms.

South Planet: Mars

Lordship: Yama (Lord of Death) Dining room, no main entrances.

Southeast Planet: Venus

Lordship: Ishana (the Supreme Lord) Kitchen, pantry, appliances, computers, exercise room, garage, weights, bathroom. Not good for bedrooms or sleeping.