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We have seen that the positions of the planets in a horoscope or Chart indicate certain geometrical designs. Some of these are very apparent, whereas others are not so easily apparent. The Sanskrit astrological nomenclature for this is YOGAS.


These Yoga’s are important for they may indicate “arishtas” or misfortune or may even indicate prosperity, great wealth, asceticism, etc. There are different types of Yoga’s such as Dhanayogas or combination of great wealth; Gnanayogas, which indicate high knowledge, Rajyogas, which produce political power Arithayogas that reveal a series of misfortunes. Thus, “Yoga’s” mean a certain definite or special combination, which either adds strength to the chart or removes the vitality of it.


Some of these yoga’s are Chandradhi Yoga’s i.e. caused as a result of the Moon. There are others, which are called Suryadi Yoga’s which are caused by the Sun. But most of the Yoga are Lagnadhi Yoga’s, which are formed with reference to the Ascendant. Those Yoga’s manifest themselves in the dasha or the period of the Yoga causing planets and will depend on the strength or weaknesses of Yoga karaka (planets producing such yoga’s).


In interpretation ofthe result of Yoga’s, three major factors need to be considered. The first is to determine whether the Yoga causing planets are benefics or malefics or neutrals. Normally, the lord of Lagna as well as the lords of 5 & 9 houses are considered as benefics. Additionally the lords of 4,7 and 10 Bhavas are also considered as benefics, PROVIDED they are natural malefics. On the other hand, the lords of 3, 6 and 11 houses are considered as malefics. Additionally, the lords of 4,7 and 10 Bhavas arc also considered as malefics PROVIDED they are natural benefics. Lastly, the lords of 2,8 and 12 houses may be considered as neutrals. BUT in determining the relation between two or more Yoga causing planets inter se, a better way would be to refer to their relationship in the Panchadha Maitri table. If they are adhimitra or mitras, they would give good results. If they are Sama or neutrals, they would give mixed results and if they are shatrus or adhishatrus, they would give evil results, despite the fact that they may be benefics or malefics as per above statement or as per their natural nature.


The second factor to be considered is the strength of the yoga causing planets. The strengths can be measured either as per Saptavargiya Bala, by virtue of their disposition in a friendly, neutral or inimical Sign, Hora, Decanate, Saptamsa, Navamsa, Trisamsa or Dwadasams Charts. Alternatively, the strengths can be measured as per Shada Bala or the six sources of strength such as:


1 Sthana Bala or positional strength

2. Dighbala or Directional Strength

3. Kalabala or temporal strength

4.Cheshtabala or Motional strength

5.Naisargikabala or permanent (natural) strength and

6.Drikbala or Aspectual strength.


The calculation of each of these six sources of strength is quite a complicated exercise, which is best left to be studied at a later date. Each or these strengths have several sub-sources of strengths. But the student should realise that accurate predictions and the delineation of a chart calls for extreme hard work. If this is avoided, your pronouncements could be as absurd as that of a quack.


The third factor is to consider the houses or Bhavas owned by the yoga causing planets, i.e. by assessing their residential strengths. This matter assumes critical importance, as often the same planet may own/ two Bhavas of conflicting nature. In such cases, the student is advised to assess the quality of aspects received by such Bhavas and this will reveal the line of action to be adopted by the astrologer.


Admittedly this is a rather tough assignment for a beginner. But once he has made a conscious habit to proceed along these lines, he is bound to reap rich dividends in this hazardous task.


We shall now deal with some of the more important of these yoga’s, step by step and an attempt has been made here to give a critical assessment of these yoga’s, where necessary and possible.




When an astrologer is presented with a chart for analysis, one of the first matters, which should attract his attention, is the longevity or the possible life span of the native for if there is inadequate life span, there is indeed no sense predicting about the other (illusive) ups and downs of life. This is more important in the case of children. Hence it is pertinent at the very outset to discuss the longevity and the early death of children.


It is said that if a child dies during the first four years after birth, he dies due to the sins of his mother. If he dies during the age of 4 to 8 years, he dies due to the sins of his father. And, if death occurs between the ages of 8 to 12 years, he dies because of his own previous sins (karma).


In the following cases, the death of the child takes place during the first year of birth itself, unless otherwise stated.


1) If the birth takes place during the time of Sandhya (i.e. 1 hour before sunrise or 1hour before sunset), and if the hora is that of the Moon and if a malefic occupies the last Navamsa of the Ascendant, the native (child) dies in the first year of birth,


2) If the Moon and three malefics occupy one quadrant each, the child dies immediately at birth.


3) If the ascendant is of a Keeta Rasi (i.e. Cancer or Scorpio) and if all the malefics occupy the space between the mid-point of 10th to the mid-point of the 4th house (i.e. Purvardha) and if all benefics occupy the space between the mid­point of the 4th to the mid-point of the 10th house (i.e. Paschimardha), the child dies within one year of birth.


4) If a malefic occupies the Ascendant, if another malefic occupies the Seventh house, and if the Moon conjoins any malefic anywhere in the Chart, and if no benefic aspects such Moon, the child dies within one year of birth.


5) If Ksheena Chandra (i.e. if Moon is in the 8th tithi of Krishna Paksha to the 7th tithi of Shukla Paksha, i.e. if Moon is within 72 degrees of the Sun either way), occupies the 12th house and if all malefics occupy the Ascendant and 8th house, and if no benefics occupy the Kendra’s, the child dies in the first year of birth.


6) If the Moon occupies either the 6th or the 8th house and if three malefics aspect such Moon, the child dies immediately on birth.


But if three benefics aspect such Moon, the death occurs in the eighth year of birth.


If three malefics and three benefics aspect such Moon, death takes place in the 4th year of birth.


If three malefics and one benefic aspect such Moon, death takes place after the first year.


If three malefics and two benefics aspect such Moon, death takes place after the second year.


If three benefics and one malefic aspect such Moon, death occurs in the 7th year.


If three benefics and two malefics aspect such Moon, death takes place in the fifth year.


According to one view, if neither a benefic nor a malefic aspects such Moon (in 6th or 8th), Balarishtha Yoga does NOT take place.


Gargacharya opines that even if such Moon, occupies the Sign of a benefic planet, Balarishtha Yoga does not take place.


Additionally, even if such Moon occupies the Sign of a malefic planet, but if it is conjoined with a benefic, the Balarishtha Yoga does not take place.


Yavanacharya says that if the Moon occupies the 6th or the 8th house, an inauspicious Yoga certainly takes place, but if birth is during daytime in Krishna Paksha or during nighttime in Shukla Paksha, the above Balarishtha Yoga does not take place.


This is a rather complicated yoga and to simplify the same we give it in a summary form as under:




Malefics aspect on the Moon

Plus Benefices


Year of

























7) If malefics occupy the 2/6/8/12 bhavas, the child dies immediately or within one year of birth. However, Gargacharya opines that this Yoga manifests only in the following four ways, i.e. if malefics occupy the2/12 houses, or 6/8 houses, or 6/12 houses, or2/8 houses.


8) If the lord of the Ascendant being a benefic planet, occupies the seventh house and is conjoined with a malefic and if three other malefics aspect such ascendant lord, Balarishtha yoga takes place and the child dies within one year of birth.


It is pertinent to note that the aspect by three malefics should be by planets other than Rahu or Ketu, but if the benefic ascendant lord conjoins Rahu or Ketu in the seventh, this Yoga takes place.


9) If Ksheena Chandra occupies the lagna and if malefics occupy the Kendra or the 8th house, the child dies within one year of birth. If Saturn as a malefic is in the 8th house, it will certainly be of some help on the dictum of Karaka ­Bhava – Nashaya, but only to a certain extent.


9) If Ksheena Chandra occupies the ascendant and if all malefics occupy the Kendra, Balarishtha Yoga takes place and the child dies during the first year of birth.


11) If the Moon is sandwiched between two malefics (within 5 degrees either side), and if such Moon occupies the 4th, 7th or 8th houses Balarishtha Yoga takes place, resulting in the death of the child within one year of birth.


For example: If Moon is 10degrees of Cancer, while Saturn is 8 degrees of Cancer and Mars is 12 degree of Cancer, the yoga fulfills itself.


12) If the Moon occupies the last Navamsa of any Sign (i.e. Moon is 26°. 40’ to 30n) (especially in watery Signs – Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) and if no benefic aspects such Moon, but if malefics occupy the trines (5/9), Balarishtha yoga takes place.


In the following cases, the death of child takes place along with the death of the mother:


1) If Grasit Chandra (Moon conjunct Rahu) is placed along with malefics and if Mars occupies the 8th house, the child dies along with the mother during the first year of birth. If in the above combination, Sun occupies the lagna, the death (of the child & mother) takes place as result of surgical operation.


2) If the Sun is Grasit  (i.e. if Sun is conjunct with Rahu), and if no benefic aspects such Sun and if Mars occupies the 8th house, the child and the mother die together.


3) If the Moon is Grasit (i.e. conjunct Rahu) and if malefics occupy the 5/8 houses and if Mars occupies the 8th house, and if no benefics aspect such Moon, both the child and the mother die together.


4) If Saturn occupies the 12th, Sun is in the 9th,Moon is in the Ascendant and Mars in the 8th, the newborn child dies along with the mother. But if Jupiter aspects all of them, this combination is cancelled.


Note: At a first glance, such an aspect of Jupiter to all the four planets appears to be rather a rarity. But the student should observe the exact degree cal positions of the planets and if Jupiter aspects them, even within the orbs, this exception will hold well.


5) If Ksheena Chandra is placed either in 1,5,7,8,9 or 12 houses and if neither Mercury Jupiter nor Venus aspect such Moon, the child dies along with the mother. But even if anyone of the three aspects such Moon, the Yoga does not take place.




In all the above 17 cases, (except in case 6), it may be assumed that death will take place in the 1st year of birth.


Hence, it would now be necessary to determine the likely time of death during this first year of birth. The following possibilities may be considered:


1) When the Moon passes through the Ascendant by transit (Gochara), death islikely to take place. (This gives roughly 13 possibilities during the year).


2) When the Moon passes through the Sign occupied by the Moon at birth, death is likely to take place. (During the year, this also happens 13 times).


3) When the Moon passes through the Sign occupied by the strongest malefic causing the Yoga, death is likely to take place. (This will also happen about t 3 times in the year).


Thus, in all, a maximum of 39 times, during the transit of the Moon, death is likely to take place. Considering that the Moon takes approximately 2.5 days to transit a Sign, we can identify roughly 98 days for the likely event during the first year of birth.


This period of the unfortunate event can further be reduced, if we can observe the simultaneous transit or aspect of malefics over the natal Moon, when the chance becomes further highlighted.


You would have observed that the considerations given above are, precise and in several of them, more than one condition is given. Please note that all the conditions must prevail, otherwise, the yoga just does not take place.


This is an extremely delicate and sensitive issue and the student is advised not to be brash in such an important delineation. Further, there are several yoga’s which constitute Balarishtha Bhanga Yoga i.e. the cancellation of Balarishtha Yoga and these should be given due importance while dealing with this issue.


Balarishtha Bhanga (cancellation) Yoga’s:


1) If a strong Jupiter (own or exalted) occupies a Kendra (quadrant), it cancels the Balarishtha Yoga.


2) If a strong lord of the ascendant (own or exalted) occupies a Kendra, without having the aspect of any malefics and receiving the aspects of benefics, it cancels Balarishtha Yoga.


3) If Moon is placed in the 8th house (from Lagna) and if it is in a dreshkona (decanate) of Mercury, Jupiter or Venus, it cancels the Balarishtha Yoga.


4) If Moon at birth occupies the Sign of a benefic planet, is aspected by benefics or is sandwiched between two benefics, the Balarishtha Yoga gets cancelled.


5) If the Moon at birth is of Poornakala (i.e. between Shukla Paksha 10thto Krishna Paksha 5th and is placed in a Kendra and if such Moon is aspected by Jupiter, the Balarishtha Yoga gets cancelled.


6) If all the planets aspect the Poornakala Chandra at birth, the Balarishtha Yoga gets cancelled.


7) If a strong (Swagrahi or exalted) Mercury, Jupiter or Venus occupies a Kendra, without the association of a malefic, the Balarishtha Yoga gets cancelled.


8) If the Moon occupies the Navamsa of a benefic and if the Lord of the Sign occupied by the Moon at birth is in the Sign of a benefic planet in the birth chart and if such lord occupies a Kendra, the Balarishtha Yoga gets cancelled.


9) If all the malefics are placed in the Signs of benefic planets in the birth chart, the Balarishtha Yoga gets cancelled.


10) If all the planets are placed in the Sirshodaya Signs, the Yoga gets cancelled.


11) If Rahu occupies the 3,6,11 from the Lagna and if such Rahu is aspected by Benefics, the yoga gets cancelled.


Note: According to the rules enunciated by Parasara, no planet is natural benefic or a natural malefic. We have discussed this at the beginning of this chapter, but repeat the same for the benefit of the students, as this is a rather important matter.


1) The Lord of Lagna always gives good results and hence should be considered as benefic.


2) The lord of the trines (5, 9) even if they be malefic, are always considered as benefics and give good results.


3) The lords of 3,6, 11 (Trishadaya) always give malefic results.


4) The lords of 2, 12 are considered as neutrals and neither gives good results, nor bad results.


5) The lord of the 8th always gives evil results and should be considered as malefic – except when the same planet is also the Ascendant Lord.


6) The benefic lords of the Kendra’s give evil results and should be considered as malefics, while the malefic lords of the Kendra’s give good results and hence may be considered as benefics.


7) The lords of 2, 7 are called Marakas or death inflicting planets.


Similarly, the lord of 8th is also a Maraka. The 8th from the 8th house (i.e. 3rd house) is also a Maraka Sthana and its lord is also considered as a malefic.


The planets tenanting the 2/7 houses are also considered as Maraksa. But if the lord of 2, 7 is one and the same planet, it will not play the role of a Maraka.


The student would have realized by now that identifying of yoga is in itself a difficult exercise and its interpretation is even more difficult.


Unless all the conditions given in the yoga’s are fulfilled, the yoga does not materialize. And then even if the yoga is really present, one has to search for the exceptions which cancel the yoga and make it void. Even for an experienced astrologer, this is a rather hazardous and extremely difficult task. Judgment should never be made or attempted on impulse.


You would have realized by now, the all important and pervasive role of the Moon in Balarishtha Yoga’s. This is but natural Moon is theplanet of fecundation and is chiefly responsible for conception. Nay, indeed it has an overpowering influence throughout the whole gestation period during pregnancy. Further, even on progression (on the basis of one day equal to one year), it is only the progression of the Moon, which really matters. Hence, at least in the first year of birth, we need to watch the movement of the Moon only rather closely – as compared to the other planets. If the Moon is afflicted at birth or is otherwise not well placed, the adverse rays and vibrations of such Moon is bound to affect adversely the health of the new born child and if the Balarishtha yoga is really applicable, without any further modifications or cancellations, then any adverse transits as detailed above is likely to be crucial for its survival.


Having dealt with the Balarishtha Yoga’s in detail, we shall now proceed to understand and study the other major yoga’s. In the next few pages we have merely made a feeble attempt to acquaint the student of some of the major yoga’s. This is a vast subject and hence, can only treat you to a few drops of this deep ocean. What we have attempted here is merely to touch a comer of the tip of the proverbial iceberg.


One major clarification, all these yoga’s give results attributed to them, only during the Mahadasha and the Antara dasha of the yoga causing planets. Thus, if the dashas of these planets do not fall within the life span of the native, the full results will not be felt. It will be proper for the students to bear this in mind always.





Chandradhi Yoga’s mean that the yoga essentially takes place with reference to the Moon or the Lunar Chart. In all such Yoga’s, Moon will be one of the Yoga causing planet. We shall discuss here only a few, more important of such yoga’s, for it is beyond the purview of this work to discuss all such yoga’s. For a detailed analysis of other such yoga’s, the student may refer to any standard texts on the subject




When the 2nd house from the Moon is occupied by any planet (other than the Sun, Rahu or Ketu) sunpha yoga is formed.


The native earns wealth through his own efforts and adventures and becomes a king or equal to a king, is intelligent, wealthy, and famous and has a good reputation. This yoga has tremendous influence on the financial standing (for better or for worse) of the native.




If the 12th house from the Moon is occupied by any planet (other than the Sun, Rahu or Ketu), Anpha Yoga is caused.


The native is contented, domestically happy, famous, good looking with well balanced body and personality, polite, generous and has self-respect.




In the Sunpha and Anpha Yoga’s (as also in the next yoga), the Moon plays a very important role. In Sunpha Yoga, the second house from the Moon, must be occupied by any planets i.e. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus Of Saturn, either singly or collectively. Similarly, in Anpha Yoga, the twelth from the Moon must be so occupied, either singly or collectively. The nature of the Yoga, therefore, will largely depend upon the nature of the lord or lords occupying the second or twelth from Moon.


For example, suppose Moon is in Leo, and the second (Virgo) is occupied by say Mercury. This would indeed be a fairly strong Sunpha Yoga, as Mercury in this case is the lord of 2 and 11 and being in its own/exaltation Sign will certainly vastly improve the finances, speech, etc. of the native. On the other hand, if the second (Virgo) is say occupied by Venus. Here, the Sunpha Yoga will be rather mediocre in nature, for Venus will be the lord of 3 and 10 and further this Venus would be debilated in the second.


Similarly for Anpha Yoga. If Moon is in Leo and if Jupiter occupies the 12th in Cancer, Jupiter is the lord of 5 and 8. Although the ownership of 8 is not good, yet it causes Veeparita Raja Yoga (which we will discuss later in. this chapter) and this Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. The quality of the Anpha Yoga will certainly be superior in nature. On the other hand, if Mars is in the 12th in Cancer. Here, Mars becomes a Yoga karaka (being the lords of 4 – Kendra and 9th – Kana). But this Mars is neecha or debilated. Certainly this Anpha Yoga will not give its full results.


If the Sunpha/Anpha Yoga’s are caused as a result of:


Mars – The native is fond of fights, quarrelsome, adventurous and is wealthy.


Mercury- the native is intelligent, witty, knowledgeable, sweet tongued and a good a good orator.


Jupiter- He is religious, happy and respected by kings and powerfulpeople.


Venus- He is extremely passionate, wealthy and possesses many vehicles.


Saturn- He uses or usurps the wealth and property of others, is hardworking and engages many servants.


Obviously, the combination of more than one planet will give rise to different results. There will be, in all, 31 varieties of permutations and combinations for Sunpha Yoga’s and an equal number of varieties for Anpha Yoga’s.


The differences of opinions between various Acharyas is also here Some Acharyas feel, that instead of 2, 12 from the Moon, the occupancy of 4, 10 from the Moon should be seen. However, we feel that the former opinion is more valid than the latter. Some other Acharyas feel that instead of seeing the 2, 12 occupancy in the Birth Chart (Lunar Chart), it is necessary to see the 2, 12 occupancy in the Navamsa Chart only. These observations are applicable to all the three yoga’s viz: Sunpha, Anpha and (the next) Durdhara Yoga’s. But all the Acharyas are unanimous that the Sun, Rahu and Ketu should be excluded and that only the five major planets matter in these yoga’s.




If both the second and the twelfth from the Moon are occupied by planets (other than Sun, Rahu or Ketu), Durdhara Yoga is formed.


The native enjoys happiness of all sorts, is wealthy, generous, has good servants and enjoys vehicles.


Here also, we will have to consider the nature of planet(s) occupying the 2, 12 from the Moon, determine their ruler ship and ascertain their strength. Only then, the real nature of the Yoga can be assessed.


For example, if the Moon is say in Sagittarius. Now take Jupiter in the second (Lord of Lagna and Fourth) where he is debilated and Mars in the twelfth (Lord of Fifth and Twelfth) where he is Swagrahi. Now reverse the positions, Mars in the second in Capricorn, where he is exalted and Jupiter in the twelfth, where he occupies the Sign of a natural friend. There is bound to be a subtle difference between the results of the two Durdhara Yoga’s, for the results cannot be similar in both these cases. All such permutations and combinations need to be carefully analyzed. There would be, in all, 180varieties of Durdhara yoga’s are formed by the combinations of the five planets




This is merely an extension or corollary of the Durdhara yoga.


If the second and the twelth from Moon are occupied by benefics the Yoga is called Shubha-Kartari Yoga.


This Yoga confers longevity to the native, makes him fearless, gives freedom from pains, wins over his enemies, leads, a happy and contented life and improves his status through his own efforts, becomes wealthy, impressive and strong.


If the second and twelfth from the Moon are occupied by malefics, the Yoga goes under the name of Papa-Kartari Yoga.


The native suffers extreme poverty, is divoid of the happiness of spouse and children, short lived and has bodily defects. The native is sinful and malicious leads a nomadic life and dies due to bites of venomous insects.


NOTES: Strictly speaking, the Shubha Kartari/Papa Kartari Yoga’s do not require the planets to be placed in 2, 12 from the Moon. It is enough if the Moon is sandwiched between two benefics or two malefics, even if it were in the same house or Sign.


This yoga is also applicable from the Lagna and a reference will be made to this again, when we discuss the Lagnadhi Yoga’s.




If any planet occupies neither the second nor the twelfth from the Moon, Kemudruma Yoga is formed.

This is a rather inauspicious Yoga. Even for a native born in a Royal family, the results are extremely adverse. The native is sinful, malicious unhappy, engages himself in undesirable activities, poor, cunning, sorrowful, dependent, dirty, a rogue and a swindler.




The cancellation of Kemudruma Yoga is said to take place in two ways:


1. If the Moon is conjoined with any other planet, Kemudruma Yoga is cancelled.

If the Moon is in a Kendra (quadrant) from the Lagna it cancels the Kemudruma Yoga.




Even if there is no cancellation of Kemudruma Yoga, it is the belief of the author, based on experience, that by critically assessing the lords of the 2, 12 from the Moon, the intensity of the Yoga and its results can be modified. The Yoga will indeed be present. But if the lords of 2, 12 from the Moon are say in their own Signs or exalted or in the Signs of their friends, the intensity of the evil results may be toned down to a very great extent. On the other hand, if the lords of 2, 12 from the Moon are say, debilated, or in the Signs of their enemy or otherwise afflicted, the evil results can be intensified several fold and the full impact of this inauspicious yoga will manifest.




If Jupiter is in Kendra from the Moon, Gajakesari Yoga is caused.


The native enjoys the comforts of a king, has domestic happiness from brothers, sisters, spouse and children, is well disciplined, is generous, builds cities or rules over them and often has lasting reputation, even beyond death.


Here, the two Yoga causing planets are the Moon and Jupiter. It is extremely essential that the yoga should be, seen only from the Spashta Bhava-Chalita Chart. For, in the Khokha Kundali, Jupiter may be in a Kendra from the Moon, but if in the Bhava­-Chalita Chart, Jupiter moves away and is not in a Kendra from the Moon, the Yoga cannot be said to prevail.


Further, obviously, the Yoga will undergo a major modification, depending on the occupancy of a particular Kendra by Jupiter (from the Moon) as indeed by the Bhavas owned by Jupiter in the Lunar Chart, as also the Bhavas owned by both the Moon and Jupiter from the Lagna as well.


Take for example, the accompanying example chart. Here, Gajakesari Yoga is indeed present. But Consider these facts also moon, lord of the 10th from Lagna is debilated in Scorpio. On the other hand Jupiter is placed in the 8th from Lagna, being the lords of 3 and 6 houses, both being considered as Malefics. How much assistance can be expected under these circumstances? True, the Yoga has reference to the second house (finance) and eighth house (unearned income). Perhaps the financial condition will improve, but what means would be employed by the native to further his financial position, especially when the 10th lord (Karma/Action) is debilated? Indeed, the extent of the results depends upon the residential strength of the planets concerned.

On the other hand, take the following chart. Here the Ascendant Lord itself is the Moon, which is exalted in the 11th (Gains). Jupiter, though being the Lord of the 6th is also the Lord of the 9th and placed in the Sign of a friend in the fifth houses (Poorva Punya, Children, Sports, etc.) The Gajakesari Yoga is with reference to 5, 11 houses and the residential strength of both Moon and Jupiter is good. The results of the Yoga will indeed be excellent for the native, though if it takes place in Moon Mahadasha and Jupiter Antaradasha will be decidedly better than the other way around, due to the slight blemish to Jupiter by virtue of his ownership of the sixth house.