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This yoga is caused by the conjunction of Moon and Mars this Yoga is also often referred to as Lakshmi Yoga.


The native is cruel or harsh towards his mother, is unscrupulous, sinful, earns his livelihood through questionable means and thrives on the income of women.


The actual manifestation of the results of this yoga depends in which house the Yoga (conjunction) takes place, and which houses the Moon and Mars own in the chart.


Take for example a chart with Cancer ascendant with Moon conjunct Mars in the seventh in Capricorn. Moon as Lagna Lord is a benefic, even though in its fall. Mars is the lord of fifth (kona) and tenth (malefic lord of Kendra and hence a working benefic) and exalted. Chandra – Mangala Yoga is present and takes place with reference to the seventh (partnerships, spouse, public relations, etc.)


It is suggested here, that though earnings will not be a problem when this yoga is present, the means of earning may be questionable, such as by sale of liquor, owning pubs, running brothels, pimping, controlling and living on prostitution, etc.


Though the ancient texts clearly state that the Yoga takes place when Moon is conjunct Mars, it is open for research if the Yoga would manifest when both of them are engaged in mutual aspects to one another, especially the opposition aspect. The empirical findings of such a research could indeed be an eye-opener, even for advanced students.




When the tenth from the Moon (or Lagna) is occupied by a benefic planet, Amala Yoga is formed.


The native’s fame is spread far and wide, he will be of pure character, will lead a prosperous life and his wealth is never destroyed.


As can be seen, this Yoga can either be Chandradhi Yoga or Lagnadhi Yoga, depending on whether the 10th from the Moon or the Lagna is occupied by a benefic respectively.


The text clearly emphasizes the presence of a benefic in the 10th house. The word Amala means pure or unblemished. Hence when a benefic occupies the 10th, the prosperity and the affluence will be achieved through honorable and fair means. But it is submitted that if a malefic occupies the 10th the affluence will still be there but the means through which the wealth is acquired may be questionable.




If Jupiter is in the 6, 8 houses from the Moon, this Yoga is formed. According to some, the Yoga is also caused if Jupiter is in the 12 from Moon.


A native with this Yoga is unhappy. Poor, weak quarrelsome and. evil results are faced, even if a native is born in a royal family. Such a native leads an ordinary and insignificant life, is stubborn, faces misery and is hated by his own relatives.


The Yoga manifests as a result of the greatest benefic – Jupiter – occupying anyone of the (two/three) dusthanas from the Moon which results in cramping the free flow of fortune. The periods of such misfortune normally surface during the transits of malefics over the Sign occupied by Jupiter or even Moon.


This Shakata Yoga is different from the Shakata Yoga described in the Nabhasa Yoga’s, which will be described later in this chapter.




If benefics occupy the 6, 7 and 8 from the Moon, Adhi Yoga is formed. If the same combination, takes place from Lagna, then too, it goes under the name of Adhi Yoga.


The Yoga can manifest itself in anyone of the following seven ways:


1. All benefics occupy the 6th

2. All benefics occupy the 7th

3. All benefics occupy the 8th

4. One benefic each occupying the 6, 7 and 8

5. Benefics occupying 6 and 7

6. Benefics occupying 7 and 8

7. Benefics occupying 6 and 8


The native leads a happy and contented life, is devoid of fear and ill-health, is long lived, defeats or overpowers his enemies, is trustworthy and is surrounded by affluence and luxuries.


The benefics in this case are to taken as Mercury, Jupiter and Venus. If all the three are strong, the native becomes equal to a King. If they are medium in strength, they are equal to a minister. But if they are weak, the Yoga will be present, but the influence it exerts would indeed be quite feeble.


Further analysis may be made on the basis of houses owned by these benefics.




If the Moon is in a Kendra from the Sun, the native’s wealth, intelligence, wit, character may be considered as questionable. But Parasara opines that if the Moon is of Poornakala (Full Moon), then it is an exception.


Similarly, if the Moon is in Succecdent houses (2, 5, 8, 11) from the Sun, the native’s wealth, etc. is of medium caliber.


Finally, if the Moon is in cadent houses (3, 6, 9, 12) from the Sun, the native’s wealth, etc. is of superior nature.


The Western Astrology also accepts this dictum.




Suryadi Yoga’s are those, which essentially take place or are formed with reference to the Sun. In all such Yoga’s, Sun will be one of the main constituent of the Yoga formation. A few of the more important such Yoga’s are discussed now.




If the second from the Sun is occupied by any planet (other than Moon, Rahu or Ketu), then Vesi Yoga is formed. Such a native is lucky (bhagyashali), is happy and contented, is famous and enjoys the comforts reserved for the King.


These results would be applicable if a benefic planet, in which case, it is called Shubha Vesi Yoga, occupies the second from the Sun.


Contrary results hold good if a malefic planet occupies the second from the Sun, when the Yoga goes by the name of Papa- Vesi Yoga.

Take for example the accompanying chart. Here Sun in 10th is exalted (and also obtains Dighbala – one of the source of strength). Venus occupies the 11th and is Swagrahi. Venus is also a natural benefic and owns the 4, 11 houses. Sun owns the second house. This is obviously a very strong Vesi Yoga.


On the other hand, take the accompanying chart. Here, Sun is debilated and Venus is in its fall. Vesi Yoga certainly takes place. But much help cannot be expected from such yoga, as both the yoga-causing planets are weak and powerless. Obviously, if more than one planet is in the second from the Sun, especially when one of them is a malefic, the good influences will have to be suitably scaled down and the results will have to be carefully moderated.




If a planet (other than Moon, Rahu or Ketu) is in the twelfth from the Sun, the Yoga caused goes in the name of Vosi Yoga (or Vasi Yoga).


The native with this Yoga is famous, lovable, generous, trustworthy, liberal and liked by all. Here too, these results are attributed if a benefic occupies the 12th from the Sun (Shubha Vosi Yoga). Reverse results would manifest if the planet occupying the 12th is a malefic (Papa – Vosi Yoga).


The detailed explanation given for Vesi Yoga also apply in this case




If both the second and the twelfth from the Sun are occupied by planets (other than Moon, Rahu and Ketu), Ubhayachari Yoga is formed.


The native having this Yoga is famous, an eloquent orator, wealthy, with well proportioned body and is liked by all.


The final interpretation of this Yoga will also largely depend on the quality and strength of the planets occupying 2, 12 houses from the Sun as also on the houses owned by them, and by their respective relationships to each other.


NOTE: The above three Solar Yoga’s, especially Vesi and Vosi Yoga’s would be present in almost every chart, as at least Mercury is always confined within 28 degrees from the Sun. Obviously, they merely indicate the “ego” development of the native concerned. These yoga’s cannot strictly be compared to the other Raja Yoga’s and may merely be merged into one or other more important Dhana Yoga’s or Raja Yoga and their influence is rather secondary to the other more powerful and independent combinations obtained in the chart.




These are powerful yoga’s and are the five major planets, independently of one another, forming superior forms of Raja Yoga’s. A peculiarity here is that the Yoga is capable of being formed by a single planet as against the usual run of the mill situation, where it takes more than one planet to form yoga.


Thus, if Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn are identical with their own (Swagrahi) Sign or the Sign of its exaltation and occupying a Kendra, then respectively, Ruchaka Yoga, Bhadra Yoga, Hamsa Yoga, Malavya Yoga and Sasha Yoga are formed.


Let us now take each Yoga for consideration.




If Mars is in its own Sign (Aries or Scorpio) or in the Sign of its exaltation (Capricorn) and if such Mars occupies a Kendra, then, Ruchaka Yoga is formed.


The native has an oval face, is very adventurous, strong, destroys enemies, respects customs and traditions, is wealthy, long-lived and a commander-in-chief of the army.




If Mercury occupies a Kendra, identical with its own Sign (Gemini or Virgo) or the Sign of its exaltation (Virgo), then the Yoga formed is called Bhadra Yoga.


The native is long lived, has a piercing intellect, not at all cunning or scheming, is revered by the intelligentsia, is an excellent orator, enjoys comforts and luxury, talks very little and is habitually silent, makes an excellent diplomat and is a good solicitor.




If Jupiter occupies a Kendra, identical with its own Sign (Sagittarius or Pisces) or its exaltation Sign (Cancer), then Hamsa Yoga is caused.


The native is extremely patient, wealthy, enjoys the happiness of spouse and children, has an ever growing luck, has good knowledge of the Shashtras, eats food peacefully, is righteous and has a pure mind.


The Yoga is possible only with reference to common or movable Signs (lagna) and not with reference to Fixed Sign Lagna. The presence of Hamsa Yoga, identical with Cancer in Kendra is much better than with his Swagrahi Signs viz. Sagittarius or Pisces, as then, the inevitable blemish of a benefic being the lord of Kendra, makes Jupiter a working malefic. But even then, the validity of the Hamsa Yoga cannot be totally ignored.




This yoga takes place when Venus occupies one of its own Signs (Taurus or Libra) or the Sign of its exaltation (Pisces) identical with a Kendra.


The native is well-built, has a well proportioned body, pleasing personality, enjoys the use, or ownership of vehicles, is fond of sweet food, appreciates and promotes all forms of fine arts such as music, painting, embroidery, poetry, etc. and enjoys the happiness of his spouse and children.




If Saturn occupies its own Sign (Capricorn or Aquarius) or the Sign of its exaltation (Libra) identical with a Kendra, Sasha Yoga is formed.


The native enjoys many servants, becomes the head of a village or town, and is praised by others. But his character will be questionable, often usurps the wealth and property of others and has a wicked disposition.


The Sasha Yoga cannot take place from Common Sign lagnas. The results attributed to this yoga are mainly based on the inherent qualities of the planet Saturn. But the acquisition of other’s wealth or property and the qualities of a wicked disposition or a perverse character will have to be suitably modified if the Moon is not afflicted in the chart.


NOTE: These Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga’s produce five types of great men and are almost considered as superior forms of Raja Yoga’s. The strength of the Yoga is dependent upon the strength of the Lagna as also the planet causing it and in which Kendra he is disposed. In descending order of importance, the Kendra’s are 1, 10, 7 and 4. The special distinction of Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga’s can occur unblemished only in certain unblemished and exceptional cases and that too with regard to the overall position of the chart under consideration. Otherwise, these yoga’s do not have much political value. In these yoga’s, much importance is attached to the “de facto” rather than the “de jure” presence of the Yoga. It may be borne in mind that the Sun or the Moon do not play any role in causing these yoga’s, even if they own their own or exaltation Signs, identical with a Kendra. Similarly, the other planets, even if in there own Signs or in the Signs of their exaltation do not cause this Yoga if they do not occupy a Kendra. This is a major pre-requisition for the formation of these yoga’s.


We give here, merely by way of illustration charts, which have these Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga’s:




Akbar the Great:


Venus in the Ascendant in its own Sign causes Malavya Yoga.

Saturn exalted in Lagna causes Sasha Yoga and Mars exalted in the 4th house, forms Ruchaka Yoga.