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When you have worked out a chart for a native and sit down to assess the same, One of the first things you will be called upon to address yourself to, is: “which is the most prominent or significant Sign in the chart”. For it is this Sign, which will mainly reveal the traits and the characteristics of the native, mainly from the physical, visual or nature-wise point of view. Generally, the Sign rising on the ascendant reveals these traits of the native. But not always, often, the Sign occupied by the Sun is also crucial. In other cases, the sign occupied by the Moon may also be a decisive factor. Yet, in many other cases if many planets occupy a Sign, then such a Sign – even if it is neither the lagna nor the Sun Sign, nor the Moon Sign – will mainly describe the native.


Yet, when it comes to a consideration of the inner psyche or concealed personality of the native, we shall have to turn our attention to the exact degreecal Navamsa chart the calculation of which is given in detail, elsewhere in these notes will be largely useful. Hence the Navamsa Lagna will give us a clue to this rather complex question and the connection of this Navamsa Lagna with a particular planet in the Birth Chart will “largely be responsible in determining the native’s traits, character and his inner psyche.


It is, however, pertinent to note here, that always, a chart should be seen in its entirety. It is a folly to start rattling off predictions and delineation of a chart, merely on the basis of the Ascendant or Sun Sign or Moon Sign. For, the presence of planets in a Sign or their aspects on a Sign can indeed have a material bearing on major modifications to the known traits and characteristics of that Sign.


Now, let us proceed to study in detail, the traits and characteristics of the twelve Signs. It may be noted that this is a highly complex matter. Some natives can be easily identifiable, merely by the physical description of the Signs. For some others however, you will have to study his behavior, likes and dislikes. And there are some, who are so complex that only a prolonged association can enable us to study their true attributes. This matter requires extreme patience on the part of the students, for even advanced students often get easily strayed off in this admittedly complex and intricate analysis. But once you have studied the theory in the next few pages. Perhaps you will be better equipped to tackle this matter.




Aries is a Movable and a Fiery Sign and its symbol is the Ram. Its Lord is Mars (positive)


A firm handshake and an instant smile is the hallmark of Aries people. Caution will not concern him at the heat of the moment. He is self seeking and his need comes first. He is truly selfish and also fearless.


An Aries person has decided features which arc usually sharp and seldom soft or blurred. He has well marked brows which are often joined at the nose-bridge. A mole or a scar on the head or the face is often visible. He has a reddish cast to the hair. His movements are usually quick. His shoulders are very broad and he walks with the body slightly bent forward and is always in a great hurry. He has supreme ego and self-confidence. While talking he looks straight in the eyes, which is a notable Mars distinction. Nothing keeps these people down – least of all failures.


Arians are never subtle, tactful or humane. They are often, a little short of patience. They are always very direct. Frankness and refreshing honesty are their trademarks. But they cannot stand physical pain. They invariably sustain injury to head or face at sometime or the other during their life. Migraine or headaches due to kidney infection are normal features. These natives must stay away from alcohol. Their constitution is strong and tough, provided they do not abuse it. They can survive high fevers, which otherwise could be enough to kill an average person. Angry impatience and frustration ruins their health. They have plenty of forceful optimism. They carry through their work with dash and confidence. They are never lazy. They are very warm and generous. They take instant decisions without the authority of superiors. Their speech is often satirical. They have a terrible temper. But once over with it, the grievance is more often forgotten. They have no time for gossip. They are free in any group or society and quite at ease and have genuine affection without social distinction. Patience and details are not their strong points. They are literally incapable of accepting defeat. They are incurable optimists. They are sure and certain of their capabilities. They expect others to show their gratitude to them. They have a kind of eternal, joyous, naive faith with the blind zeal of a born crusader.


An Aries Man is bursting with ideas and creative energies. He is impatient, bold and confident. He is very faithful in his relations. Promiscuity or flirtations are not his habit. But he is rather reckless, very possessive and jealous and is a natural rebel. He demands total loyalty in any relationship. He hates nagging. He is also bossy with children.


All Aries Woman can get along without a man more easily than other females do. She likes to take the lead, even in love affairs. She has excellent recuperative powers after a tragedy. She is deeply sentimental and has a very jealous nature. If let down in love, she readily withdraws, i.e. fire turns into ice. She insists on complete freedom before and after marriage. She is always very faithful and is capable of deep passion. She is very emotional and rarely learns from experience. Keeping a secret from her can drive her wild. She admires strength. She rarely complains of fatigue. She is a vibrant storyteller. She insists on strict discipline. She bounces back to life soon after defeat or disappointment. If you can turn the ram into a lamb she will be honest, passionate and loyal, though impulsive, bossy and independent.


Aries babies walk earlier than others and certainly talk earlier. Discipline is required from a young age. Keep sharp knives out of their reach. They are affectionately demonstrative. Their anger does not last long. They are very generous with other kids. They have a habit of neglecting homework: The best way to get maximum out of the Aries child is to challenge him – not shame him. A few humiliations to the Mars ego will put him on the track. They take the lead in class. They require love when rejected. Never destroy their confidence. They must always be kept busy and active.


The Aries boss expects total devotion to work. Be prepared for extra hours of work for he is not a clock-watcher. He is not stingy. To be liked is his secret need. He is independent, daring, venturesome, and decisive, has high will power, has positive thinking and is seldom concerned about the past. He will not admit his dependence on others. He is tactless but repays loyalty with loyalty.


Give enough freedom to an Aries worker to enable him to take decisions. He may be careless with details but at the end quality is still good. He is motivated by success and is action oriented. He needs praise and recognition. Advertising and Public Relations suit him most.




Taurus is a Fixed Earthy Sign and its symbol is the Bull. Its Lord is Venus (Positive)


The Taurus people have a strong and silent attitude. They move quite deliberately and speak sparingly. They will not budge an inch once they take a stand. They normally want to be left alone. They are very obstinate and stubborn and their temper is seldom displayed impulsively.


The Taurian actually resembles a bull – even the women have that intangible, elusive, bovine quality. Their neck is thick stodgy and muscular. The shoulders chest and back are broad and strong. The ears are usually small and close to the face. They chew food slowly and have excellent digestive system. They have curly or wavy hair. They are strongly attracted to the opposite sex. But prefer to attract them to him. They are rather passive and seldom worry or fret. Their decisions are made slowly and carefully. They are essentially home folks. They always have some connection with land – however remote. They have a very healthy and strong constitution. But they recuperate slowly from an illness. The sensitive areas are throat, neck, legs, ankles, reproductive organs, back and spinal cord. They are overweight due to extreme love of food. They frequently complain of strain on heart and poor circulation. Gout is also possible. They must avoid obesity. They feel they are not stubborn but patient. They invariably get glued to their seats and opinions. They excel in troubles. They fail to catch a subtle satire. They build their empires slowly but surely. They are normally not stingy. They are impressed by bigness, but get perturbed by small problems. Fine arts, paintings and music stir them deeply. They have a good voice. Shades of blue, greens and browns soothe them. They hate wastage and extravagance.


A Taurus Man is basically quiet, practical, sensitive and down to earth. While on the one hand, he is slow, deliberate and careful; on the other he is tender, gentle and protective in love. His sense of touch is great. He is very blunt in love. He always means business. Sentimental gestures while wooing turns him on. He plans for tomorrow carefully. He cannot put up with loud, masculine females, but always respects an intelligent female. When pushed against the wall, the otherwise patient Taurian turns into a bellowing bull. He seldom leaves his woman alone. He cannot stand mother-in-law’s interference. He takes a long til11e to get over a divorce. He is interested in real estate and liquid cash. He craves for a son to carry on the family name. He sets high standards for his children. He is generous to a fault, loves luxury and needs lots of rest.


A Taurus Woman can meet any emergency in life. She has a violent temper on good provocation. She has more moral and emotional courage and excellent self-control and practices self restraint at most times. She shows indifference to her enemies but is very loyal to friends. She expects in return, blind allegiance and total loyalty. When pushed against the walls she can be a terror. She is very calculating and brainy. Practical common sense is her essential pre-requisite. She is seldom restless. Every shade of blue as also rose and pink suits her. Generally she is a good cook and is fond of cooking. She appreciates music and art. She is ecstatic at the sight of nature’s grandeur. She is a tomboy at heart. She dresses with simplicity and taste, and dresses for comfort rather than fashion. She does not like to be contradicted. She is too strict and demanding with children and cannot stand disobedience. She is a hard worker and an excellent helpmate.


The Taurus children don’t like being pushed about. They adore physical contact. They are emotionally stable, but negative and stubborn by nature. They are not easily ruffled and are usually well behaved. They mind their own business but if challenged, they can be belligerent. Love them – NEVER force them, for they cannot resist affection. They respond to Common sense and logic. Bright colors (red and orange) make them restless and obstinate whereas pastel shades have magic effects on them. Give music lessons as soon as possible in life. They are industrious in school, methodical and can concentrate easily.


Don’t try a Taurian’s boss patience too much. His patience is carefully calculated to a definite purpose i.e. to test you and give you a chance to prove your mettle. He will give a fair break and does not judge hastily. He wants things done his way. He does not change his mind, once he decides. He is not unkind but is very practical. He requires continuous expansion. He gets to the point fast. He is rather stubborn about loyalty, is strong and dependable.


Taurian worker are good for banking, real estate and in the field of education. They are determined to succeed. He works slowly but to perfection. He is trust-worthy and honest and very dependable. He wants to build power rather than wealth. He takes orders willingly and without resentment. He often has childish stubbornness. There may be fierce displays of temper. Women make good executive secretaries. A crisis brings the best out of them. They prefer to spend vacations at home with the family or at a spot of scenic beauty. He does not get sleep in strange surroundings.








Gemini is Common and Airy Sign and its symbol is the Twins. Its lord is Mercury (Positive)

There are two distinct sides to a Gemini’s changeable personality. It is often hard to tell where reality ends and illusion begins. They change their minds pretty fast. The true Geminian is a browser – brief scanning of pages – reading the last page first and skips back and forth. His nervous energy snaps easily.


The build of a Gemini person is generally slender, agile and taller than average, they have small, sharp features and beautiful, crystal clear eyes. They never rest their eyes on an object for more than a few seconds. They have alert and quick moving eyes. The complexion is rather pale. There is an air of eagerness about Geminian. The nose is long and straight and dainty. They have a receding hairline and a rather high forehead. They talk themselves in and out of situations with great ease. They think fast. They can be sharply critical too. They are inquisitive and survey the scene with excited curiosity. They have an ageless appearance and boast of excellent intelligence. They can easily do two things at once. They resent drudgery and monotony. They are not very punctual and they argue convincingly. There is an irresistible sales pitch in their talk. They disguise their true motive. Versatility in speech is their hallmark. They are experts in the field of human relationships and makes good diplomats. As this Sign rules writing they can turn a clever phrase and can often string words together intelligently. They hate to answer correspondence – since they are reluctant to be pinned down to an opinion. Gemini authors generally use a pseudonym or adopt an alias. They sometimes cloud their speech with a web of lies and deception. But generally they are quite honest. As promoters they are super. They need lots of sleep and rest. Shoulders, arms, hands and fingers are susceptible to accidents or to infection. Arthritis, rheumatism or migraine disorders arc possible. They have a searching and impatient nature. They are mental explorers. They indulge in brilliant humor, tact, diplomacy and adroitness. Yet they lack persistence and patience. Yellow, green, blue, silver and gray colors suit them the most.


They are delightful conversationalists and are loaded with witty remarks. They have impeccable manners. Their whims change fast: causing you to imagine confusion. They are moody, irritable, impatient and critical. They have wide range of interests. They have an unconscious urge to disguise their true intent. They seek to confuse you. Do not rebel against his changeable moods.


They seek mental companions. They are no egoists. They thrive on mental challenge. They change friends fast and have very few deep lasting attachments. They are generous and miserly, alternatively. They have a sense of fairness and are good mind readers. They spoil children by their sudden stinging and sarcastic speech. They are notpossessive. Their love is platonic, not physical.


There is lack of interest in the earthy passion of a Geminian woman. Their mind is always moving. Until she matures, romance is merely a game to her. She is very fickle minded and unpredictable. Through her imagination she creates many fantasies. She needs pity not anger. She has sharp mentality and cannot be very consistent. She is highly independent and mixes freely.


The Gemini Child wants to seek, explore and learn. These children have a bird like, quick movements and have no trouble to learn easily. They are mechanically inclined. Their fingers are slim and flexible. They have an uncanny ability to mimic. They can learn languages easily. Lack of patience and unwillingness to persist are their chief areas of setback. They are always curious.


A Gemini boss is a brilliant a restless executive. He is not equipped to command. He deals with ideas, principles, etc. He delegates authority easily and is not impressed with tradition. His opinions are flexible. He has good business acumen, a good power of personating and good sense of humor. They have sharp sarcasm. He is best suited as a Salesman as he is an expert at double talk.


A Gemini worker can easily develop an abstract idea. He has a built-in ability to deal with emergencies. He meets a crisis swiftly but is easily bored with routine. Sales promotional activities are best suited to his interests. He is also interested in sports.




Cancer is It Movable & a Watery Sign and it symbol is Crab. Its Lord is the Moon


Vivid imaginations, many moods and changing emotions are always associated with the Sign Cancer. Their changing moods synchronize with the phases and the movement of Moon. They have a deep, throaty undertone. Lunar humor runs deep. Sensitive observation of human behavior is their hallmark. They have an uncanny sense of publicity. They enjoy attention and bask in the reflected glow of applause. But they arc pessimists and have a dreamy imagination. They easily conquer their fears. Their tears are genuine and they cannot tolerate cruelty. They suffer from chills rather than fevers. When hurt, they withdraw in reproachful silence. They also can retaliate but do so secretly. In the midst of uncertainty, despair and sadness, they seek retreat in solitude – just like a crab does.


The physical description of a Cancerian is essentially of two types:


Handsome round face, soft skin, gay smiling mouth, circular eyes and a baby faced look.


Large head, overhanging brow, high check bones accompanied with a permanent frown.


They usually have a pronounced lower jaw. Their teeth are prominent while the eyes are small and fall apart. They have a bony structure. The arms and legs are extra long in proportion to the rest of the body. They have very expressive features and possess a very retentive memory. They learn from experience. They love to collect antiques, old treasures, coins, stamps, etc. They can be relied upon to guard secrets. People confide easily in them. Their compassion is deep and intuitive, but they guard their inner feelings well. They normally do not give things up without a struggle.


Observe the movements of a crab. They never go directly – they move in all directions and then when the chance comes, they lunge forward and hold their prey tight. Cancer’s heart is soft at the core too. These persons need precedents to follow. Assurance of financial security is a must for them. They tend to brood over their mistakes. They love their home with respect and reverence and never feel really secure in life. They spend their leisure time on the beach.


The most vulnerable areas of the body are chest, breasts, knees, kidneys, bladder and skin. They also have ulcerous tendency. Negative thoughts bring illness, but they also have miraculous power of self-healing. They are lovers of gardening. They spend frugally. They are very capable managers of funds and accumulate cash reserves easily. They are generous but cautious. Food represents security to them. Wasting food is crime to them. They have strong, maternal instincts. Pale gold and silvery as well as pale green, mauve and lavender colors suit them. Emeralds, pearls and moonstones are the jewels associated with them.


A Cancer Man does not mix easily. He never confides in strangers and never parts with secrets even to his best friends. He is cautious and pessimist and is a romantic dreamer. His heart is soft and affectionate. Reassure him at all times, for he appreciates words of love. He has a religious fervor. He collects all old things and has a shrewd sense of value of money. He has artistic talent but is conservative in dresses. He never dethrones mother. Essentially, he is very domesticated, but could either be very close to or totally alienated from the family. There will never be a casual relationship in his case. He loves to be petted and babied. He is a good chef himself. He is a devotee of finer things of life. He is proud of his family tree and delights, in the background. Photography is his favorite hobby. He is very sentimental in love and his standards are high. Naturally, he is quite shy but has infinite patience. He is fiercely protective of daughters and get cranky when they show independence. No Cancerian can think straight when lunar vibrations are strong.


The Cancerian Woman is well known for her sudden but rare spending sprees. There is a strange transformation ion when she is alone on a beach on a full moon night. But is usually shy and sweet when the moon is waning. She is an interesting conversationalist. She hates to be critical and is deeply wounded by ridicule. She cannot stand being rejected. She never makes the first move. She always gives importance to her mother-in-law. Never crack mother-in-law jokes in their presence, but instead, assure her always. She is a good cook. There is need to remove her feelings of inadequacy. She has rich humor and sincere devotion. She never plays with her heart and develops emotions for people closest to her. Slightest unintentional remarks can easily wound her. She is very touchy, cries a lot and is over-sentimental. She is very possessive but not jealous. Patience is her virtue. She is capable of heroic sacrifice and is a tower of strength to her children, as she is sensitive and understanding. Cancer rules motherhood. She has a clear and photographic memory.


Cancer babies change moods frequently. They learn by experience and have a busy mind. They talk by their eyes. They have elastic expressions and have strong emotional needs. Early home environment has an everlasting effect on them. They are too shy to express their real inner desires. They want to be cuddled. Rejections can crush them. They are quite easy to manage and are well disciplined. They can play by themselves for hours and arc independent in their thinking. They form very few, warm friendships. They are afraid to go to sleep in the dark. They require much emotional security in early life in order to grow up as patient, generous and confident adults. They can imagine hurts or slights and dream up rejection. They seldom forget dates and events. They are very sensitive and can easily exaggerate situations. It is best to bypass nicknames (Fatty, skinny, etc.) Try to refrain from teasing them for otherwise you call easily hurt their sensitive nature.


The Cancerian boss is a serious and hard-working boss who doe’s not tolerate fun during working hours. To make money is his main aim. He is good in trading activities. He starts earning early in life. He has an elephantine memory. He seldom rests on family laurels. He is not greedy, but is deeply sensitive and basically insecure. He has remarkable insight into the feelings of his staff. He is very perceptive. Solitude is fearful to him. His mind is always alert and practical.


A Cancerian actually works devotedly and works for security. He is very dependable and tenacious. He easily takes responsibility and accepts discipline with calm docility. Lie has a multitude of fears and nagging self-doubts. He needs affection. To get the best out of him give love, but remain impersonal. Put them in a receptive frame of mind. Invite them to meals. They are generally steady and reliable workers, very sober and with deep emotions. He has childish behavior. He seldom advertises his moves in advance




Leo is a Fixed & Fiery Sign and its symbol is the Lion. Its lord is the Sun


Arrogance, pride and sunny playfulness distinctively describe a Leo. Its best to humor him, they are energetically gregarious and beautifully indolent persons. They live life in royal style. There are no introverted Leos – some only pretend to be introverted. It takes a brave soul to challenge him when he is defending his rights and his dignity. Some Leos mellow with age, but no Leo will ever lower his proud head.


This native resembles a LION. He has a deceptively lazy look. He walks straight and proud. He has a commanding air and a stately bearing. His movements and speech are deliberate – never fast. He gets to the center of the stage easily. He has a knack of telling you with the most superior and condescending manner, how exactly you should manage your life. They love teaching and hence are good as educators, politicians and psychiatrists. He is deeply wounded when you don’t respect his wisdom and generosity. Simply flatter him, because he loves to bask in the warmth of compliments. Flattery gladdens him, while lack of respect blinds him with rage and in either case it makes him incapable of balanced judgment. He just cannot help feeling superior. He is extremely acute, a superb organizer and a wise distributor of duties. His commands arc surprisingly very effective. Leo expresses approval generously and openly. They are lavish in their hospitality. In family life their fiery pride causes plenty of shattered marriages. They never lean on others for support. Responsibility towards the weak and helpless appeals them. But they disdainfully refuse help for themselves. Very few Leos are cautious with their cash. He is a spectacular gambler at heart. They are wildly extravagant; they dress expensively and always appear well turned out. They spend freely on fun and pleasures.


He often runs high fevers, prone to accidents, and is usually immune to chronic or lingering diseases. He radiates an incredible vitality around him. He has either a very strong or a very weak heart. Pain in the hack and shoulders, spinal trouble, hoarseness or sore throat are his usual complaints. They recuperate with vigor from sickness. They enjoy gossip. They have a fixed nature. It is hard to sway them, though they can sway others with their convincing oratory. A Leo never shirks his duty, helps the defenseless and protects the needy. He is a fiercely loyal friend, but a powerful enemy. He is creative, original, arrogant with an insufferable ego, and suffers from ridiculous spells of vanity. He may wear a Topaz for luck.


A Leo Man likes to have an audience. Always flatter and respect him. Beneath his courteous manners and patient fixity, lie the smoldering fires of proud dignity and arrogant vanity. He is chivalrous, gallant, protective and affectionate. His romances are not trouble free. He is intensely passionate and very jealous. Home can turn into a ­prison, if things do not go, as he wants. He expects you to belong to him mind, body and soul. He has an impulsive temper. It is always better to calm him with reason. He needs your stability to balance his irrational pride. He cannot stand a career girl. The family revolves round him. If he gets respect he will repay with ample generosity. He is very faithful but also very lazy.


He plays affectionately with his cubs. He has sudden gambling urges. He always bids higher at auctions. He has an uncanny knack at fixing things. He is very mechanical. He is the life of most parties. He always attracts attention. He has a roving; eye and appreciates beauty but is net malicious. He is brutally frank and totally untactful. But he cannot cope with real cruelty. He tends to marry below his station in life and seldom raises large families. Flatter him into submission. He has an insatiable appetite. He is proud as a Peacock, but secretly fears failures.



The Lioness is truly sentimental. She keeps scrapbooks and is a social leader of her group. She is born to rule; dictate style, manners, etc. Grace, beauty and sex appeal she has in plenty. Do not expect to tame her. She is very smoothes, suave and calm but hides her claws while sharpening them daily. She enjoys gifts. She hates vulgarity and slang. She woos royalty, admires a muscular man and loves sports. She is uncomfortable in shabby, surroundings. Poverty depresses her. She feels above the common masses. Actually she is the kindest of the females. She is intelligent, witty, strong, capable and yet quite feminine. She does not relish confinement at home. She spends a fortune on cosmetics to show results. Her wardrobe is expensive. She is a superb hostess. She showers love on her children but is also strict. If not respected, she withdraws with regal silence. She is proud of her accomplishment. She keeps a watchful eye on her cubs and does not mix easily with strangers. She invariably becomes the center of attraction. She has a deep need for applause and adulation. Humoring her vanity is the easiest way to attract her attention.


The Leo cubs are sunny, playful and jolly. They should never be put down. They develop a habit of early bossing and are natural leaders. They have a sense of justice and fair play; they have a strong urge to show off. They have a regal bearing and keep dignity and distance; they like adoration are quite reckless and lazy. If spoilt he can be a tyrant. They need strict and loving discipline. Basically there are two types of Leo children

            (a)       Extroverts, Gay, outgoing, warm and generous.

            (b)       Introverts, quieter and timid on the, surface.


If their ego is suppressed, they turn out to be unhealthy. They enjoy games of challenge that have a clement of chance. They are strong willed. The Leo girls arc also tomboyish. They rebel against menial tasks. They must be forced to develop good study habits. Always appeal to his vanity to get results. They notice opposite sex early in life and usually have a turbulent adolescence. They are dramatic and need freedom.


A Leo executive is an excellent Organizer. He delegates authority easily. He is not fond of details, he likes original ideas He may seem ungrateful. He has great vitality and is proud of his reputation. He admires daring, creative and hard work and is never stingy with compliments. He may seem arrogant, but is a good-natured optimist. He is born to command. He hates secrets kept from him. He melts under the force of flatter. He is warm and generous to a fault. He truly deserves to be admired.


On the other hand, it is impossible to ignore a Leo worker. He is dignified and loves titles. Leadership comes naturally to him and can take charge of a situation. He is loyal and devoted. Responsibility comes late to him. He is a natural showman and is an excellent sales promoter. He secretly fears failures. He is at his best in a crisis. Teachers, salesmen, lawyers, managers, actors- plumbers and tourist guides are his favorite jobs. Politics and public relations are his ‘main forte. He works hard. If not flattered, half of his potential is lost.




Virgo is a Common & an Earthy Sign and its symbol is the Virgin. Its Lord is Mercury (Negative)


This is one Sign, where one cannot take the symbol literally. Virgo people, in very neat and methodical and notice the smallest of details easily. They have soft and cool manners. They are rather uncomfortable in crowds. They give a definite impression that there is a serious problem on their mind. They are secretly worried, they have a delightful smile, and their eyes are very clear and sparkle with intelligence and clarity or thought. They have delicate nose, ears and lips and are very critical of their own photographs. They are always well turned out.


 A Virgo native usually has a small frame but is nonetheless, quite strong. He can stand unto more intense work for longer duration. His inner anxieties upset his digestive and emotional balance. He strains too much and is very dependable and sincere. He pretends to he sick. He has a talent for acting. He is quite fastidious and exacting in grooming, eating, working and romance. He has very precise ideas and is never vague. He is well known for his clever and Mercurial wit when annoyed he suddenly becomes cranky, irritable and nervous. Virgo people are the finest nurses. They keep mini-drug stores at home and while on tours. They are rather fond of criticizing and hair splitting arguments. They have an orderly Mercurial mind. They bring order Out of chaos. They are quick to deny their habits and have an apparent blindness to their faults. The truth is that they see but cannot bear to hear them generalized. They are incapable of silting still for very long. They are visibly restless and have a vague sense of urgency. THE STILL UNSEEN PLANET VULCAN IS SAID TO BE THE TRUE RULER OF VIRGO. It is the planet of thunder, courage and confidence. In Greek mythology it is the lame God with a brilliant mind. Virgos have a sight limp while walking. They are normally prudent and have an intense dislike of accepting favors. They do not want to be obligated to others. They have no sympathy for beggars, but are unfailingly generous to a friend in trouble. Extravagance shocks them. They have a bug for details. Sometimes they are also quite selfish. Upset stomach, indigestion, intestinal pains, headaches and foot problems are their normal complaints and they are also susceptible to lung ailments arthritis or rheumatic problems and sluggish liver arc also possible. They prefer to be vegetarians by choice. They love small pets. Their main qualities are: truth, punctuality, economy prudence and discreet selectively. They have a practical nature with excessive discrimination. Cool green jade and pure platinum are best jewels for Virgoans. Grey, beige, navy blue, white and all shades of green are best suited for them


A Virgo Man has unselfish devotion to his family, friends and weaker people. He is a lover of hard work and discipline. He is dramatic, sentimental and tearful. They have few real love affairs. If dejected in love, they bury themselves in hard work and stay away from society in general. They use strategy and patience. Chastity is the best virtue for them. They develop an unfailing obedience to fate. They are capable of critical analysis and fastidious discrimination. They are modest and selective and like to keep aloof. They are pure in their outlook. They want a decent, honest and genuine relationship. They are refined in acting talent. They pretend to be disinterested. They are very dependable and are capable of large sacrifices. They display incredible strength in emotional and material hardships. They have a crystal clear memory. They are possessive in the extreme, very loyal and dislike destroying family ties. They have no strong yearning for fatherhood and tend to have small families. They are conscientious parents. They help their children in their homework. The emphasis is always on intellect. Usually the generation gap is the largest here. Try not to nag him for he is a sensitive hairsplitter.


A Virgo Woman’s spine is made of stainless steel. She is basically shy but has great determination to pursue happiness. She hates hypocrisy and is deadly practical. She has tremendous purity of motives. There is a single-mindedness of purpose, which is unique to Virgos. The physical aspect of love is subdued. She is a perfectionist. She has a dogged belief that no one can be as orderly and efficient as her. She is herself a stickler for promptness. She is also shrewish and fussy but frank in her scolding. Admit you are wrong and do not argue with her. She likes creations of nature and has great clarity of- vision. She likes good manners but docs not go to extremes. She can easily underplay a situation. She has artistic tastes and has a keen perception. She is quite discriminative. Do not criticize her. She is very trustworthy but annoyingly meticulous about small things. Truth is beauty to her. She has quiet courage and deep sense of responsibility. She is a firm disciplinarian. She will never neglect her children and nurses them like an angel.


The Virgo Children have an uncanny ability to mimic. They are alert and quick and are more peaceful and tranquil than others. They soothe and irritate by turn. They are very meticulous and selective about food. They are fussy eaters. They are very neat and seldom troublesome. They are easier to discipline than most others. Criticism should be used sparingly for they worry unduly almost to the point of illness. They are efficient, dependable, have a pleasant disposition and are cranky if teased. They pay careful attention to details and want to know reasons for all actions. They have an inquisitive and painstaking Virgo mind. They are irritable introverts and are easily embarrassed by their inadequacies; give large daily doses of emotional vitamins for they are very sentimental. They usually criticize every member of the family. They have an excellent sense of responsibility and wisdom beyond their years


A Virgo is not a high-powered executive, but is best as “the power behind the throne”. He dependably carries out original ideas of others. He is a good listener but resorts to deception in self-defense. He is very dedicated to his work and is a painstaking researcher. He has a perfectionist attitude. His desk is always tidy. He sizes up a situation fast. He is frequently impatient and revels in faultfinding. He does not make friends easily.


The position of an Assistant suits him the best. He gives service without a thought of reward or ego satisfaction. He is quietly ambitious and has an eye for details. He has strong analytical ability. He is adaptable, versatile, precise, intelligent and reliable. Service industry suits him the most, e.g. publishing, literary field, medicine, and accounting etc. He can work without supervision and is quite insecure with short cuts. He is not a good salesman. When he is untidy it shows symptoms of emotional unhappiness. Bright colors disturb his quiet nature. He does not like noise or irregular schedules.




Libra is a Movable & an Airy Sign and its symbol is Scale. Its Lord is Venus (Negative)


Librans hate to be rude. They hale large crowds too. They excel in mediating and patching up quarrels. They enjoy a good argument and are extremely intelligent. They are also quite restless but love beauty, sweetness, and light. They can be quite annoying quarrelsome, stubborn, restless, depressed and confused. The Golden scales of justice go up and down and dip till the elusive perfect balance is reached. They swing one way – then the other, like a pendulum.


Librans have no typical features except of course that famous Venus dimples. They have even and well balanced features. Notice the entire effect on their face. They have a pleasant expression, manage to look mild and neutral, while the voice is typically sweet and clear. The face is oval shaped. They are invariably pretty and handsome and have a unity of feature. The Venus smile is full of curves. The hair is often curly. They have a bright and lilting laugh. They cannot seem to make up their fickle mind. They seek harmony. They often indulge in excessive eating, drinking and lovemaking. They are also lazy. Sometimes, when they recoup there is a spurt of energy. Though not a dual Sign, a Libra native has two distinct personalities. They have deep richness in emotions and have a philosophic approach to sorrows and joys. Their biggest threat is over indulgence. Obesity brings stomach disorders, too much alcohol cause kidney and bladder problems. They suffer from itchy sensation in skin and boils. The breasts and intestine are the main problem areas. They have an ulcerous tendency. They need long rest periods. They are argumentative but try to remain fair. They are in a perennial state of constant indecision. They dislike making instant decisions since they take all possibilities into consideration. They are excellent strategists. They hate bloodshed. An impatient person can turn him to be quite stubborn. But they always deny their indecisiveness. They are very honest in their business deals. They hate exaggeration. They have a fantastic ability to concentrate and ponder deep on a given subject. The influence of art is great on their lives. Soft blue and pastel shades suit them. Soft light, mellow music, healthy conversation and good food really turn them on. Diamonds and opal and copper are his gems.


A Libran gives plenty of free advice. He has great charm, is very logical and revels in intelligent arguments. He has unmatched reasoning powers. But he also indulges in frustrating inconsistencies. He has plenty of common sense. He revels in crazy contradictions but always smiles. He is full of love and compassion. Being unfair is a crime to him. The fickleness of his mind is almost legendary. He gets friendship and love hopelessly confused. He forgets broken friendship with insulting quickness. He discusses the pros and cons of every subject threadbare. He is fair, accurate, sensible and practical, in his approach. He looks out for facts in each case. He loves to argue with an abstract curiosity, he is extremely trustworthy but is also very liberal in spending and has a lavish hand with cash. Crowds of strangers unnerve him. There is a clear distaste for physical contact with masses (claustrophobia). He hates confusion and needs harmony. He seldom probes the motives of others. There is an urgent sense of fairness. He exercises discipline in children with quiet authority and gives logical reasons for punishment. He also wins them over with his charm. He is a doting parent. But to him the mate comes first and only then the children are next.


Libran woman is a stunning beauty. She has a healthy, logical mind. She assumes responsibility early in life, she has great brain power and have of course a very inviting and delicious smile. She weighs everything twice and has diplomatic tact. She is committed to balanced judgment. She is very fair and, hardworking. She loves dressing up, perfumes, music, etc. Partnership in business and romance, constitute her deepest need. Marriage is truly a joint venture for her. She has amazing power of analysis. She will never reveal your secrets. But she may over indulge in emotions at times. She has good tastes and, a sparkling wit. She can be tough and soft at the same time. She never brags about achievements. She loves her children tenderly and is gentle but firm. She never permits disrespect to her husband. She is always evenly balanced.


A Libran child is a beautiful baby. They have a very sweet expression. They are natural charmers and of course you can never miss that dimple on the face. They cannot decide quickly. It is best to never give him a choice. Do not rush him into anything, but do not scream or shrill at him either. Suggest a solution gently over and over again. Their minds seek the truth. They are kind hearted and hate to hurt your feelings. Clashing tones dips his emotional balance. Pastel shades and soft music brings out the best in them. Violence or cruelly cannot be accepted by them. They need peace, quiet and rest in large doses to recharge their energy. They have charming manners and are fond of debates. They always discuss both the sides of any issue. Therefore, they have a reputation of being rebels. They are sticklers for obeying rules. They do not like to gossip. Confidence is sacred to them. They frown on a hasty judgment of character. Never invade his privacy. He has great musical and artistic abilities.


A Libran is a regular and fair boss. He likes to sit on the fence. He is very restless. He never seems to be in a hurry, is shy, has gentle manners, is a persuasive talker, a great debtor, has logical arguments and is always very convincing. He plans in his mind. He seeks opinion frequently. He is quite fair in his approach but manages to shift blames to someone else. This Sign has more female bosses than any other Sign. He sees both the sides of an argument clearly. He is well dressed. Confidence is sacred to him. He gossips and needs periodic rests. He is either stingy or most generous. But he never betrays trust.


It is essential for Libran workers, that the surroundings should not distract them. If unbalanced they get disgruntled and lazy. They often engage in union activity. They defend labour rights. He has a natural talent of settling disputes and hence becomes a peacemaker. He is quite moody and requires long periods of rest. He likes a law degree. He is often the playboy type, but restricts himself to visual appreciation. Do not shout at him but give logical reasons fm your orders. He is tactful and diplomatic, artistic and philosophical. Hospitals, show business, gardening, department stores and interior decorating as well five star hotels could be closer to their interest.




Scorpio is a Fixed & Watery Sign and its symbol is either the Scorpion, the Eagle or the Garden Lizard Its lords are Mars (Negative) & Pluto.


A Scorpio likes to travel incognito. Look at his eyes; they have a piercing and hypnotic intensity. He out stares you each time you look at him. He has a typical Pluto personality. Listen to him speak. He has tremendous ego. Insults roll right off his back and compliments don’t move him an inch. He has a powerful physique with heavy and sharp features. He has a prominent nose and is often of pale complexion. His eyebrows are heavy and knit over his nose. There is an electric vitality around him. He has heavy growth of hair on hands and legs and has darkish hair and eyes. His smiles are rare and genuine. He appears to have open and friendly manners. He is laugh and determined and is just not soft and naive. Do not ask for his opinion or advice for you will only get the naked, brutal truth. It is beneath him to flatter others. He attracts either fiercely loyal or dedicated admirers or are very powerful and spiteful enemies. Never challenge him openly. The lord of Scorpio, Pluto rules nuclear power. He offers gentle sympathy to the sick and the depressed. He bravely faces odds, pains, poverty, ridicule and failure. He makes loyal friends. He unconsciously seeks violence deliberately as a challenge to his strength. He never forgets a gift or a kindness, but also remembers an injury or injustice. Win the fight, and spare the vanquished is his motto (if he is an Eagle type). He totally destroys the enemy, (if he a genuine Scorpion) and he keeps bitterness held within him for years (if he is the, lizard type). He destroys his body with excesses, melancholy or, hard work. He recuperates fast from an illness. The reproduction organs, nose, throat, heart, spine, back, legs, ankles and circulatory system are critical areas in his body. He should avoid fire, explosives, noxious fumes and radiation. He is deeply interested in religion. He is very passionate about sex. He desires to reform others and has hypnotic appeal to audiences. He is fiercely possessive. His ambition is never obvious. He quietly waits for his chance. He takes control of a situation slowly but surely. He is cool, careful and with fixed intent. He makes an excellent doctor. His power of diagnosis is good. He is an outstanding detective and always manages to top his competitors. When he dies there is usually a birth in the family within a year either before or after. Bloodstone is a good gem for Scorpio.


A true Scorpion has strong emotional excess. Be sure, he’s only bluffing you with his cool surface, for actually he is sizzling underneath his deceptively controlled manners. He is normally invincible. He has twin traits of passion and reason. He is more than intelligent and deeply philosophical. He has an explosive temper and has good sportsmanship. He keeps dignity at all costs. He is intensely dedicated in religious mailers. He is a law unto himself. He likes to be respected. His friends, relatives, neighbors or enemies do not hamper his important decisions. Under adversity, he is his forceful and courageous best. He loves mystery and poses searching questions. He sets high standards for himself. He can be cruel sometimes. He takes time to adjust his personality to a given situation. He is extremely jealous. Tears and pleas do not move him at all. He is irresistibly attractive. He is a stem rather and teaches respect to his children. He does not stand nonsense and expects them to be self-reliant. He is a practical and a wise father. The children resent his highhanded attitude but secretly admire his strength and try to imitate him. He should be more affectionate and tender to get maximum results from children, rather than be autocratic and unbending. He never allows a woman to dictate to him.


A Scorpio woman has a deep mysterious beauty, is magnetic, proud and confident. She has enough glamour and is quite seductive. Unconsciously she prefers to be the man of the house. Dark maroon or deep wine red (not pinks) is her true shade. She has scornful contempt for members of her own sex. She should control her desire to dominate. She walks slowly, seductively and silently delivers her private message. She often has a husky voice and is also quite tomboyish. She – has beautiful and mysterious eyes and is virtually a human x-ray machine. She can be overbearing and domineering, frigid and sarcastic. She can hate with bitter venom or love with fierce abandon. She has a highly developed sixth sense. She cannot bear or excuse weakness in a man. She likes a mate who can dominate her and make her proud. She requires in her man intelligence. She has a deep and strange expression in her eyes. She can keep a secret easily. She is often too brutally honest and is also incredibly loyal. She seems aloof and snobbish and is very selective in her friendship. She is very much perseverant and determined. She need not be a legal wife only the relationship should be real and honest. She allows her man to be the boss and defends him fiercely in public. She loves her home. She has a natural inclination to beauty and system. She is unreasonably suspicious. She makes an excellent wife for an army man or a politician. She enjoys money and prestige. She is very, very possessive. She sees only her viewpoint. Her sense of justice and revenge is strong. She is deeply devoted and can be blind to the faults of her children.


Scorpio babies have a strong body and a stronger will. They enjoy a fight and never compromise. They have intense eyes, and need constant and firm discipline. They have a rare courage and honesty of purpose. They glare fiercely if stopped – but inwardly admire you for your strength in resisting him. They need plenty of love and affection. They have a blunt and sarcastic speech. They are direct and forthright. They have great need for privacy. They are miniature sleuths. They have ability to withstand pain. They have an instinctive understanding and boundless loyalty. They have a sharp, penetrating mind and an uncanny perception of theories. They learn to read quickly and are leaders in school activity. Always keep them active physically. Channel their curiosity in science, literature, medicine and sports. Never try to force them or impose your will on them. They have an intense passion. Rough, thoughtless scolding and illogical explanations irk them. They are very determined. Pluto if well placed, gives them courage, strength and intelligence.


“Speak softly but carry a big stick” is the motto of a Scorpion Executive. He will discover your secrets and get, the deepest confessions out of you. He senses your moods and his control over his nature is awesome. You cannot penetrate his deepest feelings. He has a way of attracting loyal companions. He is talented, brilliant and kind also sincere and loyal. He is protective and gentle – but NEVER loving. He cannot tolerate displays of emotion. He is always suspicious and probes a transaction in detail. He can be very revengeful too. Always stay alert when he is around.


A Scorpion worker has a master plan for the future. Others are always afraid of him. He is self-motivated and controls his resentment. He has awesome inner strength. He is certain of reaching God. He is fearless and confident but accepts the inevitable with grace. Loyalty and long memory arc also associated with him. He is intense, tenacious, rebellious, overbearing, shrewd and logical. He makes a good detective, psychiatrist, surgeon, policeman or researcher. Never pry his past affairs.




Sagittarius is a Common & a Fiery Sign and its symbol is the Centaur. Its lord is Jupiter (Positive)


Direct speech, very blunt joker type but with total innocence and completely free of malice is how a Sagittarius native is often referred to. If he tries to patch up, he ends up with adding insults to injury. Do not judge him too harshly. He may have tactless manners but he is unaware of the same. Pretence and deception appalls him.


His build is fairly large, has a well-shaped skull, with a high broad forehead, and an open and cheerful face and has sweeping gestures and waves his arms to make a point. His eyes are bright and alert with a sparkle of humor. He is very tall and is athletically built. Stray locks of hair keep falling over the forehead, which he likes to toss back unconsciously. He is normally quite restless. He has an obvious sense of confidence. He has much disregard for conventional behavior. He loves animals passionately. But with natal afflictions, a morbid fear of animals can be noted. An element of risk excites and challenges them. They are daredevil test pilots. They will take a chance literally on anything. What is in his mind and heart comes instantly on his lips. He is free of harmful intent though he may he brutally frank. He sincerely tries to cheer you up, but falls short of the end results. It is useless to gel exasperated with him. He can offer profound wise counsel. They are basically extroverts, talkative and forward looking, and full of original ideas, but just as blunt. His temper can easily flare up at odd times. He is also rebellious against authority. They never run away from a fight or call for help. They cannot stand to be accused of dishonest. He speaks and acts first and considers the consequences later. He is very much attracted to show business. He has a strong religious streak and loves to travel. He refuses to accept the seriousness of life. They rebel against confinement even in serious illness. They normally retain their mental faculties till· the end. Hips, lungs, liver, arms, hands, shoulders, intestine and feet are sensitive areas of his anatomy. He recuperates with amazing swiftness from an illness. He is somewhat of a gambler, but can keep the urge for speculation under control. They also take a chance on love with reckless abandon, but get startled when confronted with marriage. The Centaur (half horse half man) has an obvious head start in any game of chance. His negative traits are tendency to violent temper, love for too much food and drink, obesity, alcoholism, burning sarcasm, extreme eccentricity and inability to keep a secret. He can be easily rooted out of his determination. There is a tendency to go off at tangents and indulge in satire. He is a formidable foe. He is genuinely funny. Occasionally he also has reclusive habits. He cannot tell a lie successfully. Deceit is unnatural to him. Turquoise rings are normally recommended for Sagittarians.


A Sagittarian Man has idealistic enthusiasm and curiosity. There is always a crowd around him. His supreme optimism can be dangerous. He has blind faith. Jupiter’s intelligent logic and compulsive curiosity coupled with courageous imagination with progressive ideas are his main traits. He is also often extremely lucky. He hates dishonesty. He has a large circle of friends and well-wishers. He looks beyond external appearance of people for a truer, more intrinsic value in them. He is frank but harmless. His speech is as direct as his symbolic arrow. He lives a romantic life at surface level and seeks casual relationships. When trapped in romance, his reasoning powers desert him. He frequently requires mental stimulation. He admires beauty and hence is often accused of suspicion, but there is nothing beyond the breezy friendship in his mind. He insists on intelligence in his mate. He likes to have freedom and goes camping. He is shockingly disinterested in family ties and keeps a healthy distance from his in-laws. He does lots’ of traveling. Never question his honesty. He engages himself in many social activities. He cannot stand droopy, clinging females who are not good mixers. He is a little extravagant. He is a forthright critic, and enjoys mixing with older children. He takes them out on outdoor excursions.


Sagittarian females are also outspoken. She never lies. She may have frequent and fiery arguments. She lives alone, is independent, and aloof from family tics. She is always on the go. She cannot bear being ordered around. She cannot stand a weak man. She often mistakes love for friendships and vice versa. She is quite outspoken and blunt, which often causes misunderstandings. Jupiterian pride comes to surface and rescues her in crises. She is breezy and unconventional and considers herself your equal. She likes sports and camping. She is one of the most feminine of women. Her outlook is naive and hence is herself vulnerable. She may be slightly clumsy but is often, very graceful. She has a sunny disposition and has good appetite. She is extravagant by nature. Show business attracts her. She has a casual altitude to romance and is shy of marriage. She needs her surrounding to be clear and neat. Gloom and pessimism actually makes her ill. Children adore her. Her honesty will mark their character. She is a graceful hostess and a very gracious entertainer. She is an incurable idealist.


The tiny Sagittarian babies wave their hearts at you. They desperately need to be liked honestly. They are happy, playful, miniature clowns. They desire comradeship but later as they grow they are detached to family ties. They wander away and are quite informal. They are brutally honest. He will give in graciously if he is convinced that, there is logic behind your command. If you are fair, he respects you. If you are wrong, admit to him. They can be obstinate if punished unjustly. Their curiosity never ends. Their questions are aimed at puncturing adult hypocrisy or grown ups snugness or downright, deception. They become independent earlier than other children. Expect romance quite early in life. They enjoy school. They are rigid about study habits, if teachers are severe or intolerant and with unimaginative teaching methods, they tend to be dropouts. They have a serious interest in religion. Fighting for a cause develops their strength.


A Sagittarian Boss is shy and helpless and needs to be understood. If you make a fair point, he will consider. He is happy go lucky, cheerful and generous. He is a great morale booster. He is a crusader and fights for what he considers right and frank. Sincere and friendly, he points out flaws with deadly accuracy. He has a host of friends. He gives orders with regal air. He is jovial and logical, intuitive and lucky, kind hearted and ambitious. His memory never fails him for facts. He has a controlled personality and loves to talk.


A Sagittarian worker is concerned with today only. He is clumsy but never complains. He never does things halfway. He is modest, serene, casual and careless. He has that Jupiterian intuition. He has great curiosity and wants to know “why” behind the orders. He loves applause. He- commits more than his capacity. He makes the right moves merely on hunches. There may be an occasional outburst of temper if his integrity is questioned. They make good salesman. They should curb their hasty enthusiasm




Capricorn is a Movable & an Earthy Sign and its symbol is the Goat Its lord is Saturn (Positive)


It is difficult to recognize a Capricornian native, as this needs practice. A Capricornian advances to improve himself and further he is secretly ambitious. He is a social climber. It is no use to fight them.


It is not always easy to recognize him from his physical characteristics. He can be stocky and muscular, thin and wiry or plump and soft. He gives the impression of being rooted to the spot, until he decides to move. They have straight, lanky, dark hair, dark steady eyes, and swarthy olive or tan complexion. He has calm and deliberate actions. He has a deep, throaty voice. Earthy ambition is his hallmark. There is always a faint aura of melancholy and seriousness about him. Saturnian’s influence of stern discipline and self-denial can be easily seen. They have strong feet. They are harmless but tough. They hammer away persistently and relentlessly, managing to digest insults, pressures, disappointments and the call of duty. They respect authority and honor traditions. They agree and adapt themselves to any situation, but continue their steady upward climb till the goat has reached the peak. They will not let their emotions blind them to the facts of a given situation. They do not defy conventions. If afflicted, they can be like the stubborn goat and then become gloomy, pessimistic, cold, selfish and are then impossible to satisfy. They like to idolize their ancestors and elders. They have respect for the wisdom of age and experience. They are content to mind their own affairs. They learn easily to cope with duty, responsibility and to tolerate frustration. In childhood they tend to be weak and sickly. But they are sober, have temperate nature and have an amazing power of endurance. They need plenty of outdoor exercise. They have sensitive skins and easily get rashes, allergies, chapping, peculiar perspiration, enlarged pores, acne and stomach disorders. Mental distress is common among Capricornian Kneecaps, joints and bones are vulnerable areas for them. Paralysis and kidney infections are also common. They have either beautiful white, strong teeth or constant tooth problems with decay. They can be trifle stubborn but are harmless. Jet-black, navy blue or dark green colors suit them. Red rubies and lead are their metals.


A Capricornian Man is shy but strong, pleasant and fiercely ambitious. He yearns for adulation. He is an incurable romantic but Saturn chains his nature i.e. gives him calm behavior, practical actions and serious intent. But his heart is warm and friendly. He pretends he can live without compliments. But actually he desperately needs to be told he is good, clever, handsome, desirable and interesting. He is a late bloomer. He is extremely faithful and trustworthy. His own family is the object of his devotion. He loves his in-laws. The strain of choosing between loyalties makes him morose and gloomy. They seldom marry before they are settled in a career. They have an eye for pedigree and perfection. He will never marry if you do not pass inspection with his family. But he is also nervous in the presence of the opposite sex. He wills always he at the head of the table. He demands respect and obedience and insists on routine and discipline. But he repays these with honest devotion and self sacrifice. Their sense of organization and dependability is great. They seldom marry in haste. He is a tough guy with a gentle heart.


A Capricornian Woman is ultra feminine. But Saturn rules her actions and her secret aims. She has a determination of steel. Her goals are security, authority, respect and position. She gets recognition. She has an unusual artistic talent She is happy as a housewife. She has built-in-grace, is conventional and has conservative appearance. She is more even tempered and is emotionally steady. She is subject to many moods and May even brood for days on end. Saturn’s gloominess, pessimism and depression are more deeply rooted in her. They do not accept teasing lightly. They cannot take a joke easily. They are extremely conscious of etiquette. Correct traditions must be observed in their midst. They are timid and need constant reassurance. They hate dishonesty. Never snub her family. They care for their ill parents with devotion and enjoy sacrifice due to their honest love for family. They often find themselves burdened with distressed relatives. They keep their homes spotless and smooth running. They have an earthy kind of beauty. Music stirs her deeply. They worship tradition, have great imagination and their sympathies are well organized. She instills these qualities in her children. She generally does not pamper the children but can be strict and unsympathetic too. They have sensitive skin and hence prefer not to wear make-up. She has firm features and bright eyes. Her main vice is stubbornness. She is tender and devoted.


Capricornian children look old when young and when they grow up they have youthful appearance. They develop strange maturity quite early in life. They are strong willed and positive in their tastes. They organize life into a routine quite early. They keep their mealtime schedules and show preference to home life. They have few friends. They are bright at school and responsible quite early in age. They like to play being an adult. They have a natural flair for painting, drawing or music. They should be encouraged to play outdoors. They have slow, stubborn methods of learning and do not learn quickly. They seek respect and authority. They have plenty of patience of an earthy Sign. Self-preservation is their motive. They respect the wisdom of age.


The Capricornian boss sits firmly behind his desk and calmly handles his many problems. His home is sacred to him. He never neglects family life for business. He is stern but fair and has a father image. He has serious and formal manners and treats his staff like a family. He neglects personal needs in the face of responsibility. He dresses conservatively and is impressed with status. Saturn’s demands of obedience, order, system and authority are his main traits. He will never let you down in troubles.


Capricornian is a busy worker, with reserved manners, and usually parts his hair in middle. His clothes and manners are conservative. He minds his own business. He openly ambitious and is coldly determined. He accepts responsibility, is conscientious and has great powers of perseverance. He needs increased area of responsibility at decent intervals. He respects his superiors. They make good bankers, teachers and bookkeepers, researchers, dentists, engineers or architects. The creative side is prominent in Capricornian.




Aquarius is a Fixed and an Airy Sign and its symbol is the Water Bearer. Its lords are Saturn (Negative)& Uranus (Hershel)


An Aquarian is essentially a realist. Be prepared for the unexpected with the Uranians. They are kindly and tranquil by nature. Nevertheless they enjoy defying public opinion. They secretly delight in shocking conventional people. They are normally soft spoken but sudden spurt of amazing statements and actions cannot be ruled out. They often deliberately adopt weird attire to show their refusal to conform. They make frequent use of the word “friend”. They like continuous experimentation. Politics fascinates them, Sports absorbs them and children intrigue them.


An Aquarian has a strange, far away look in his eyes, which are typically vague and dreamy with a wandering expression on his face. His hair is frequently straight, he has pale complexion, while the height is taller than average. His features are finely chiseled. The head drops abruptly forward, he has broad hips and shoulders. They desperately seek the security of crowds. He has sharp perception. He is a natural rebel to old customs. He always analyses situations. He seeks quantity rather than quality in his association. He is often misunderstood because he is ahead of the world thinking by over 50 years. Alternatively, there are Signs of genius and insanity around him. He has a tendency to belittle prophets and has a curious mixture of cold, eccentric instability. He can reduce the anxiety of the insane by simply talking to them quietly. He has a marvelous knack of calming hysterical people. His outlook is broad. Do not interrupt his solitude for he can never renounce people for long. He is often very unpunctual. He does not like to be pinned down to specific duties. He gives his opinions frankly and has no desire to sell his ideas to others. He believes in violent change but leaves the violence to others. His attention can easily wander to the abstract. He has firm convictions and is full of surprises. He has a penetrating mind. He never takes people at face value. Once he accepts you as his friend, he will be loyal and unshaken by gossip. The circulatory system, varicose veins, hardening of arteries, accidents to legs shin or ankle, sore throat and palpitation are among the major illnesses he encounters. He needs lots of fresh air, sleep and exercise. In his case, often the diagnosis is difficult. He is extremely susceptible to hypnosis and is responsive to electric treatment. He does not have a good memory but does not need to memorize either. He is an absentminded professor. But his power of concentration call is awesome. He has a high degree of psychic precognition, premonitions and telepathy is easy to him. He will not jump to conclusions. He is open minded cut his liberalism has its boundaries. He hates hypocrisy and double-dealing. He can fool you in subtle ways; Tradition and authority leave him totally unimpressed. Uranium is his metal and sapphire is the gem associated with them.


An Aquarian man does not want to reveal his true feelings. His reactions and motives are complex. Teamwork comes naturally to him. His interest are scattered. He is often narrow-minded. He responds to high ideals. He leads a life of change, controversy and unexpected events. A puzzle drives him wild. He has strong detective instincts. He can be gentle and docile but his surface calmness is a mirage. He docs not tolerate opportunism. He admires a woman who holds her ground. He achieves some sort of prestige during his lifetime (some recognition). He has a fetish for cleanliness. He has a neurotic fear of germs and illness. He develops allergies easily. He does not take to marriage easily. He makes friendship the basis of love and avoids the issue of marriage. He often weds late and suddenly. He is not all that jealous. He can end the affair abruptly, if he considers the relationship as dishonest. He is capable of waiting and has high intuition. He is a whiz at complicated arithmetic questions.


 An Aquarian woman is paradoxical. She has all the faithfulness of a fixed Sign. But she also has the detachment and the lack of emotion of the air clement. Never try to tic her to a routine. She respects intellectual achievements. Passion is not her fort. She is a social delight. She has great moral strength. She remembers her first love for a lifetime. Extra marital affairs are rare. She keeps her motives hidden. Next to Libra, they are the most beautiful women in the zodiac. They have charming manners and reserved ways. They are devoted to their children but somewhat detached also. They are never fiercely protective of their children. Expressions of deep feelings rarely surface with Aquarian women.


The Aquarian baby is sensitive, stubborn and independent. Like Uranus, the mental process is very quick in them. Their immediate reaction to an order is a ‘no’. They are unpredictable in their behavior. They are full of contradictions. They have a fear of planes and elevators. Their minds combine their fixed practicality with uncanny perception and sharp logic. Their normal career choices are often shunned. They look old while young. They are also quite absent minded. They usually stare out of the window. They refuse to explain steps to a complicated answer. Their Uranians intuition is truly great. They need to learn to organize their thoughts and logic. Try to encourage physical activity in them. Unspoken tensions cause damage to their health. Suggestions planted during childhood have lasting impressions on them. They are quite accident-prone. They have a large circle of friends.


Aquarian Executives are rare, they dislike making decisions, and they are uncomfortable in giving order. They are absent minded forgetful, eccentric and unpredictable. They have a detached and distant attitude. Their perceptive intuitiveness is great and they have an uncanny ability to analyze. They make sodden changes in decisions. They are not impulsive or stingy. They hate lies and dishonesty. They have no prejudices. They are good listeners and never pass the buck to others. They give a long rope to hang yourself. He is very patient and is always deep in lonely thought. He is a good friend even to his competitors.


An Aquarian worker is friendly with all. He is sober, cool, aloof and remorse. He can be successful as a photographer, composer, dancer, singer, and athlete or with ratio/TV, etc. He has a scientific attitude and has strong interest in people. He is absent minded. He is a conscientious worker, highly intelligent with good work memory. He follows a strict code of conduct and is very trustworthy. His is one of the finest minds of the zodiac.




Pisces is a Common & Watery Sign and its symbol is two Fishes. Its lords are Jupiter (Negative)& Neptune


The typical Neptunian has a heart free of greed, and is careless about tomorrow. To swim upstream is the challenge of Pisces and taking the easy way is a trap for them. Very little will excite him to violent action or reaction: When he isfinally aroused, he can be bitingly sarcastic with a clever and caustic tongue. They normally take the path of least resistance.


Look first at their feet. They will be small and dainty or huge and spread out. Hands are also tiny and fragile. Skin is silky and soft; the hair is fine and light. The eyes are liquid, heavy lidded and compelling. You will usually find more dimples than wrinkles on their skin. Pisceans must always stay away from alcohol. They are more inclined to hide behind illusions. The symbol of PISCES, two fishes – signify a choice – to swim to the top or the bottom – and never quite reach the goal. They shirk from competition. They have a fabulous power of, interpretation. By nature they are timid. They have a good memorization power. They have premonitions. They have ability to organize and concentrate on details. Their judgment is fair and detached. They are moody and like to tease others. They have a fondness for debut and have high aspirations, deep wisdom and compassion. They are careless about themselves. They must conserve their energy. They are weakest as infants and are seldom sturdy. They have sleepy-eyes. Abnormalities of feet, hands and hips are common. Lungs are not strong too. They have weak toes and ankles. Humor is a secret weapon to them. They are masters of satires and are practical jokers. But it is always a cover for another emotion they want to hide. They wear their laugh as a mask. They try to understand the woes of others. To help is his first instinct. They often even help others at their own cost. They never answer directly always with a ‘may be’. They are evasive. Their internal nature is not easily fathomable like Neptune’s oceans. They live their life in lonely understanding of truth. Violet amethyst or clear emerald is his special gem. Water lily and lotus are the flowers, while; pink and white colors are associated with them.


Piscean Man fails to recognize the high tide and his opportunities are wasted. He is a gentle dreamer. He has lovely imagination and that rare Neptunian intuition. He wants security and is very sensitive. In romance he has no prejudices. He never passes a critical judgment He possesses a rare sympathy of spirit. He is curious but shock proof. He sometimes speaks without realizing the true implications. If Mercury is afflicted, he talks fast, fluently and frequently. But a typical Neptunian speaks slowly, thinks gently, and minds his own business. He is a good listener. He vividly feels emotions and needs long periods of rests. His shyness is due to consciousness of his own limitations. He understands the esoteric principles of nature easily. He even enjoys mild deception and is not very jealous. He is a natural actor. He admires beauty but is vulnerable to suggestions. Children adore him for he keeps their minds active. Never tread on his dreams. He needs continuous reassurance and faith. Never nag him. He has eternal hope.


A Piscean Woman is demure, pretty and helpless. She rarely overshadows her man. She has no desire to dominate, but she needs care and protection from him. She is very calm and feminine. She can be bitterly sarcastic but gentle. She is soft and dreamy. She adapts herself well to situations. Self-pity is her real undoing. She is subtle and a bit deceptive. She has vague, dreamy and changing moods. She is very sentimental. She must overcome her timidity and doubts. She is afraid of being imposing or being severe or harsh on others. She covers her shyness by jokes. She can sacrifice anything for her children but cannot administer discipline. She can be sometimes quite extravagant.


A Piscean baby has dreamy eyes. They are gentle, delicate and they can charm everyone. There is always a childish, dreamy, youthful impression on their faces. They enjoy diversions from the routine. They frown upon schedules and routines. They use evasive and elusive tactics. They require constant attention, appreciation and encouragement. They have good artistic and musical ability. They are good storytellers. They find math’s hard to follow at first. They lack responsibility and prefer the company of adults rather than other children. They have deep wisdom, if hurt they retire into silent despair. Naked truth is too brutal for them to bear but they learn to adapt themselves. They need long periods of rest. Their weight is often below average as compared to other children.


A Piscean worker drifts from one place to another. He has attention for details. He is compelled to disguise his motives. He is deceptive and dreamy. He chooses abrupt changes. He makes a good teacher. They can be excellent nurses. They are fond of social work. They take the color of their surroundings. Their mind wanders in odd directions. They are gentle and considerate fussy and critical and ultra sensitive. They are very elusive and shrewd judges of human nature.